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The US Airways has grown to become a successful airline in the US - Research Paper Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date The US Airways Table of Contents Barros, Carlos and Couto, Eduardo. Productivity analysis of European airlines, 2000–2011. Journal of Air Transport Management, Vol. 15 (12), pg 1. 15 Scarpel, Rodrigo. Forecasting air passengers at Sao Paulo International Airport using a mixture of local experts model…
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The US Airways has grown to become a successful airline in the US
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Download file to see previous pages After a series of mergers and buyouts, the US Airways grew from just a small airline operating in just a number of airports within the US to big conglomerate with a huge annual turnover (McNicholas 1). This airline has a colorful history and a rich culture facilitated by the presence of loyal customers coupled with hard working employees. However, evidence from reliable studies show that this success or rather triumph has come along with numerous setbacks. As of today, the US Airways faces serious challenges, which include the merger between itself and America West (Vasigh, Ken, and Liam 32). Analysts assent that the anticipated marriage linking the US Airways and America West brought certain obstacles, which comprise of labor challenges, integrating operations, competition, and a weak industry as well as the issue of rebranding the whole airline probably using a different color (Yunich 2). Despite being a low cost airline, the US Airways is still dealing with lost employee morale specifically after the effects of September 11 started exerting heavy toll on the aviation industry (Taneja 65). Generally, in order for the US Airways to stay firm in business, it has to introduce few changes and alter a number of its stipulations. It is therefore recommendable for the US Airways to move from excessive assets, the filing of Chapter 11 (Bankruptcy, BUS 371), and lost customers to a “load factor” (Moyer and Reynolds 51). Position of the problem Since the problems facing the US Airways are numerous, it is substantial to include a number of spectrums that establishes several positions aimed at getting a clear picture of the situation. It is agreeable that merging with the America West is crucial for the US Airways business operations (Lu 34). It can result to increased profit margins, reduced competition, and potential utilization of the company assets (Pender and Richard 50). However, a critical review of the company’s feedback from various players in the same market shows that, the merger may never happen simply because other airlines competing for the same clientele claim that this merger may diminish them by rendering their businesses useless. Profoundly, the US Airways offers a low cost service to its customers while the America West offers similar services in addition to other favorable offerings to its clients (McNicholas 2). As such, a merger between these dominant airlines would mean increased competition pro the other airlines, which would result to low profit margins, loss of customers, and subsequent exit in the industry (Brent 92). Of course, not even a single airline would want this to happen so contesting against this marriage is a priority to most of the foreseen victims. Since the major problem facing the US Airways is the issues that resulted from its subsequent merging with America West, understanding that the US Airways should not lose sight of its mission and visions statements is imperative (Vasigh, Ken, and Liam 40). With reference to the US Airways statements visions and mission, the company seeks to provide safety and value to its customers (Moyer and Reynolds 75). Additionally, it commits itself into making every flight count and dedicates its corporate social responsibility department towards maintaining a sustainable environment. Although there has been no terror effects of any plane crash ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The US Airways Has Grown to Become a Successful Airline in the US Research Paper.
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