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Gender Differences between Male and Female Users of Wii - Research Paper Example

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The present study, Gender Differences between Male and Female Users of Wii, aims to achieve two objectives: To determine whether the Nintendo Wii can attract more females than males, and to look into the theory of reasoned action initially proposed by Fishbein and Azjen…
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Gender Differences between Male and Female Users of Wii
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Download file to see previous pages They concurred only on one subscale, which is perceived behavioral control, suggesting the agreement that there is the adequate control on the excessive use of the Nintendo Wii. On the Theory of Reasoned Action, it was found that males tended to give higher ratings on the beliefs, subjective norms, and behavioral intentions that are related to the use of the Nintendo Wii.
Ample research has been conducted to examine gender differences with regards to Internet use, computer use, and computer game preferences. Students’ gender differences in their response to technology use have been identified and explained by many researchers who have had varying results in their studies. For instance, in a study by Vasil, Hesketh, and Podd, it was found out that females do not prefer being involved in technological activities and that they are less participative in technology-related events compared to males. Gender differences have also been evident in the use of the Internet and the computer in general as findings of Shashaani showed how boys take more interest in computers compared to girls. Nonetheless, Internet usage has become common not just among males but among females as well.
Computer games, meanwhile, have been obtaining a great deal of attention than previous years as a source of pleasure and enjoyment among young individuals. The gaming industry along with well-accepted media has recognized the usage and play of women when it comes to digital games. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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