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Non-probability Samples in Management Research - Essay Example

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This research is being carried out to critically evaluate the use of non-probability samples in management research. The primary purpose of sampling is to help a researcher obtain a fairly accurate representation of the entire population…
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Non-probability Samples in Management Research
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Extract of sample "Non-probability Samples in Management Research"

Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that all individuals have equal chances of being considered for selection in probability sampling. The outcomes of probability sampling are more likely to give a fairly accurate representation or reflection of the entire population. It is imperative that researchers consider the availability, time, cost, and the subject to research about when choosing a sampling technique. Probability sampling has gained vast popularity among scholars in both fields of quantitative and qualitative study. Overall, researchers or project managers would employ non-probability in the survey while holding on to a basic assumption that the entire population has evenly distributed characteristics. In this case, non-probability samples would be relevant in generating accurate results, as well as inferences about the population under study. Even though non-probability samples are ineffective for generalizations of results about the entire population, they are highly beneficial when the researcher faces workforce constraints, inadequate funding, accessibility problems, and limited time. A non-probability sample refers to a sample or sampling technique that is not based on the methods of random selection. On the contrary, probability samples are based on random selection techniques. All individuals or subjects in a probability sample have equal chances of being considered for selection during probability sampling. First, non-probability samples are valuable in circumstances where only the sample units that are conveniently and easily accessed. Secondly, non-probability samples enable the researcher to generate ideas and get constructive feedback. A typical case is when a project manager uses quota samples (females and males) to generate important ideas and obtain pertinent feedback. Thirdly, non-probability sampling is less costly and more convenient. Thesample is widelyapplicable in situationswherethe researcher wants to generateideas through sampling butlacksadequate funding to undertake a morecomprehensivestudy of theentirepopulation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Non-Probability Samples in Management Research Essay - 1.
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