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Bringing a New Brand of Chocolate to the Republic of Turkey - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Bringing a New Brand of Chocolate to the Republic of Turkey" states that the nation of Turkey has created an atmosphere of consumerism in order to diminish negative associations with Islamic religious beliefs, but still retain that cultural aspect of their nation…
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Bringing a New Brand of Chocolate to the Republic of Turkey
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Extract of sample "Bringing a New Brand of Chocolate to the Republic of Turkey"

Download file to see previous pages Once the habits are examined, it will be necessary to research the laws that will pertain to importing a product and getting it into the hands of the consumers. Once the feasibility of bringing a new brand of chocolate into Turkey has been assessed, it will be important to look at the competition, thus allowing for the development of a complete and thorough business plan to be assembled. It is important to understand all of these elements in order to prepare for any and all problems that concern the sales and profit of this type of endeavor.
As well, there will be the opportunity to study the consumerist habits of the people of this nation. Creating a study of the import prospects, consumer habits, and the feasibility of creating a new product within Turkey will allow for an understanding of the business world within this nation.
In researching the relevant data on the production of a new brand of chocolate for sale in the Republic of Turkey, several considerations are needed to be reported. The ethical concerns of the production of the product must be considered. In addition, the general guidelines of importing a food product into the country must be taken into consideration as well as the consuming habits of the region.
In current years it has been brought to light that in West Africa where over half of the beans that are sold to make chocolate are exported, child slave labor is utilized on the farms that produce the beans. According to Bales (2007), it is difficult to determine exactly how many farms in West Africa use child slave labor. Some officials suggest that it is as high as 90% of the farms who use this kind of labor and to boycott these farms would mean a serious economic problem for the country (193).
According to Hargroves and Smith (2006), cocoa beans are grown in Santa Domingo and other neighboring South American countries (110). Since cocoa is indigenous to South America, buying cocoa beans strictly from this region of the world might not only help to add increases to the industry but provide a marketing opportunity for the product.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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