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Making a Chocolate Cake - Essay Example

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Whenever the name “Chocolate Cake” is pronounced, it right away creates a lip-smacking effect within the mouth of everyone. Chocolate cakes are delicious and luscious in taste. They are mostly used as desserts. …
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Making a Chocolate Cake
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Download file to see previous pages A birthday or any anniversary is not complete without a perfect chocolate cake. It is the best when it comes to surprises and celebrations. IClosed once can be surprised most by a self made chocolate cake rather than any shop baked cake. The ingredients needed for baking a chocolate cake are all easily available at any nearby store. The first and the foremost ingredients needed is butter, partially sweet chocolate chips divided, all purpose flour, vanilla exact, eggs and sugar. Apart from this crushed sugar, baking soda, salt and water are required in the process. Measurement is very important. For the measuring spoon, measuring cup, a mixing bowl and a baking pan will be needed. The process usually begins with two cups of semi sweet chocolate chips, three fourth cup or one and a half stick of butter, one and a half cup of refined sugar, three eggs, two tablespoons of pure vanilla extract, two and half cups of all purpose flour, one teaspoon of baking soda, half teaspoon salt and one and a half cups of water.
When the baking part is done, the cake is now ready to get served but since it is a chocolate cake, decorating it with chocolate is important. Decoration plays a great role to make the cake look eye-catching. How somebody wants to decorate a cake depends on his/her personal preference. Icing or can simple decoration can be done with the melted chocolate which can serve the purpose of icing....
Flour and water are added to make the batter smooth. Stirring is continued at this stage. The longer the stirring process is, the better is the mixture and the next stage is more convenient. In order to bake the chocolate cake, the baking pan is prepared by spraying the vegetable pan stray. This is usually the most significant part. This spray makes sure that the batter or mixture does not stick with the baking pan spoiling the cake. Next the oven is preheated at three fifty degree Fahrenheit. The mixture prepared is poured now on the baking pan from the electric mixture bowl. Normally forty to forty five minutes bake serves the purpose. Personal observation regarding the baking is highly recommended. The cake is baked until it becomes puffy and tasty. A chocolate cake is not always bad for health. In fact it is supposed to be good for human heart and such cakes are mostly preferred by women and children. When chocolate cake is made for children it is better to use less fillings and chocos and to keep it simple. However for special occasions one can experiment with high amounts of chocolates and sweet items to adorn the cake. Pregnant women often prefer the fudge type cakes. A fudge cake is fast to bake in fact. Using a wooden spoon or rubber spatula in the baking process is helpful. It can be made at home and stored in the fridge. Now when the baking part is done, the cake is now ready to get served but since it is a chocolate cake, decorating it with chocolate is important. Decoration plays a great role to make the cake look eye-catching. How somebody wants to decorate a cake depends on his/her personal preference. Icing or can simple decoration can be done with the melted chocolate which can serve the purpose of icing. Icing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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