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In this research, we attempt to explore the treatment of the female gender by two artists namely, Sandro Botticelli and Tiziano Vecellio on the identity of Venus in their specific paintings. These artists belong to different time settings and thus have explored Venus in a…
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Fine Arts research paper
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"Fine Arts research paper"

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Venus, the Goddess of Love has been an object of much study and admiration in the art circles of all times. Venus is basically a Roman goddess of love who is often linked with sensuality, beauty, fertility and desire. It is the aura and desire of Venus that has attracted the attention of many. Venus was often the central figure in religious festivals during the Roman era. Even as society progressed, Venus did not lose her charm since artists of almost all generations were inspired by her mystery and popularity. It was because of this that Venus was chosen as a subject for painting by most artists in almost all eras including Roman, Hellenistic and Renaissance periods.
With the apparent sensuality of Venus, it became acceptable for Venus to be painted nude among the social elite of the Renaissance times. As a result, Venus was usually portrayed nude in her painting and even those painting that depicted nude females, most usually relate them with the Goddess of Love, Venus. Two painting of Venus by two artists belonging to different eras may have the same element of nudity for their Venus but the character, persona and background of Venus differs from one painting to another.
In this paper, we attempt to compare the Venus painted by Sandro Botticelli in her ‘Brith of Venus’ with Tiziano Vecellio’s Venus of Urbino. These artists belong to different time settings and thus have explored Venus in a completely different context. In both the paintings, Venus is shown as a sexual being. However, the similarity ends here. Botticelli’s Venus is modest as compared to the wanton Venus of Vecellio. Also Vecellio’s Venus is more humane while Botticelli’s Venus has a divine aura about her.
Sandro Botticelli was an Italian painter who gained popularity during the Early Renaissance period for his linear grace and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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