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To Zero Carbon and Beyond - Essay Example

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1. Introduction: Global warming due to the increased concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere because of fossil fuel (coal, gas and oil) burning is a scientifically proved phenomenon. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a greenhouse gas mainly comes from fossil fuel burning…
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To Zero Carbon and Beyond
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"To Zero Carbon and Beyond"

Download file to see previous pages European Commission intends to reduce its greenhouse gas emission by at least 20 % by 2020 (Integrated energy policy for EU sets targets on markets, emissions and efficiency, 2007). In the UK buildings accounts for 45-50% of delivered energy use and it accounts for about 50% of CO2 emission. UK's contribution to global total CO2 is 3%. Almost 30% of building related CO2 in the UK comes from service sector and 44% of it goes to space heating (Watts and Thomas, 1999). In November 2006, Chancellor Gordon Brown has announced that by 2016 every new home will be a zero carbon home (Towards zero carbon future, 2007). A zero carbon development is one that achieves zero net carbon emissions from energy use on site, on an annual basis. Excluded in this definition are embodied energy in construction and demolition and transport energy (Building A Greener Future: Towards Zero Carbon Development, 2007). Literary the meaning of zero carbon home should be a home which emits zero carbon throughout its life time, (i.e. construction, operation, maintenance and demolition). It is very important in the UK's context to design energy efficient buildings, which can utilize maximum heat and light from the sun. This paper will describe the design aspects of an office building, which will emit zero carbon throughout its lifetime (operating). ...
Brownfield sites may be classified as abandoned, idle, or under-used industrial and commercial facilities where expansion or redevelopment is complicated by environmental contaminations. They can be found in urban areas, particularly near highways, railroads and low income areas of a city.The Brownfield site has advantages of ease of transport, pollution can be reduced by using more public transport and infrastructural facilities like water, gas electricity normally exist. The brown field may be contaminated and need money to clean it up with the help of environmental consultants (Brown Field vs. Greenfield, 2007).
A Greenfield is any piece of land where there had not been any previous type of development on site. Greenfield sites are almost always found in suburban or rural areas. Normally undeveloped farmlands and woodlands fall in this category.It offers opportunity to build bigger offices, with parking areas and lower cost (water, energy, construction labor, and waste disposal generally cost less). But it occupies virgin land which could be used for agriculture, pasture or plantation (Brown Field vs. Greenfield, 2007). So, for constructing the new office building a Brownfield site selection will be more environmentally friendly. Because it will clean up already contaminated land and make it usable. Moreover by choosing Brownfield land we are saving virgin land which can be used for agriculture, pasture or plantation. So, we decide to locate our office in a Brownfield.
3. Transport infrastructure: The office employees will be encouraged to use public transport, because they are more environmental friendly. There will be other transports to carry things to and from the office. These transports can use biofuel as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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