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Dissertation proposal feasability study, Domestic Carbon Neutrallity/Cost analysis and appraisal of modernising a domestic dwelling to Carbon neutrality - Essay Example

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People have become aware of the presence of what is called a carbon footprint. The carbon footprint is the carbon dioxide emissions or equivalents we leave behind from our consumption patterns. As the carbon…
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Dissertation proposal feasability study, Domestic Carbon Neutrallity/Cost analysis and appraisal of modernising a domestic dwelling to Carbon neutrality
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Extract of sample "Dissertation proposal feasability study, Domestic Carbon Neutrallity/Cost analysis and appraisal of modernising a domestic dwelling to Carbon neutrality"

Download file to see previous pages As a consequence many people want to reverse the harm that is done to the environment when cars pollute, polluting materials are thrown away or when trees are cut for paper. The list is endless. Carbon is closely linked to the environment as all forests and fuels contain carbon. Consumers are looking at returning to the environment the carbon they destroy. This is done by funding new green technologies, recycling and reforestation. To enable this we have an intermediate agency called a carbon offset provider. The provider takes money from the consumer and spends it on replenishing the environment with forests or sponsors clean technology activities. A carbon calculator is used that finds out your carbon dioxide output and the amount you need to spend to reverse the damage. The agency takes this money from the consumer and in return grants a carbon neutral certificate. This is called purchasing an offset. One unit of offset purchased implies one ton of carbon dioxide emissions avoided. The money is used to replace the carbon the consumer has used to the environment. This is done on a global basis, many times with developed nations growing forests in lesser developed regions. If the consumer is carbon neutral it means that the carbon consumed has been returned to the ecosystem. Carbon neutrality is becoming a popular choice to replenish emissions.
Carbon dioxide is generated from the combustion of fossil fuels. Methane is generated in fossil fuel extraction and in anaerobic decomposition of organic matter. Nitrous oxides are emitted from nitrogen fertilizers in damp, warm conditions. Exhausts from planes contain nitrous oxides that react to form ozone. Ozone is a greenhouse gas as well. The main sources for greenhouse gas emissions are energy, transport, agriculture, land use, industry and waste.
Energy consumption is reduced by using energy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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