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Carbon Dioxide as an Important Component of the Atmosphere and the Human Body - Term Paper Example

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The paper "Carbon Dioxide as an Important Component of the Atmosphere and the Human Body" portrays the role of CO2 in regulating the earth’s climate (its excess causes the greenhouse effect, its lack glaciation threatens the planet ) and physiology when carbon dioxide acts as a buffer system to neutralize metabolites…
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Carbon Dioxide as an Important Component of the Atmosphere and the Human Body
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Extract of sample "Carbon Dioxide as an Important Component of the Atmosphere and the Human Body"

Download file to see previous pages Some of the chief sources from where carbon dioxide is released include: combustion of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas in power plants, automobiles, industrial facilities and other sources. There are certain industrial production processes also which play vital role in rising levels of carbon dioxide. These processes include: mineral production, metal production etc. In addition the use of petroleum-based products can also lead to CO2 emissions. The process of carbon sequestration also plays a vital role in altering the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Deforestation is also a cause of enhancing CO2 ratio in the environment.

Similarly, there are also some sinks of CO2. The chief sink includes forests which utilizes CO2 as a sole source of carbon for the production of energy. These forests play a significant role in balancing the carbon cycle of nature. They absorb CO2 from atmosphere and by process of photosynthesis convert it into biomass. This is the actual process which regulates the relative amount of CO2 and reduces the adverse effects of its high concentration. CO2 also takes part in respiration in animals and plants and in lower animals also. (Sandra Alters, 1999 p 837)

Nowadays level of CO2 in atmosphere is rising which could lead this world to many problems. The basic issue that is arising is, increase of temperature at global level which further leads to increased rate of melting of glaciers.(Martin L. Parr,2007 p 483) It can also cause change in pH of water. (Schaum's outline of theory and problems of biology,1999 p 445) In order to explain the issues that are increasingly becoming popular because of increased CO2 emission are further discussed in this paper. In addition, this paper analyzes the issues arising and explains the rise in temperature that is resulting in health and environmental problems. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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