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Investigation into the use of science by an environmental advocacy body - Essay Example

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Beyond Zero Emissions is a not-for-profit think-tank based that coordinates research and education that focusses on the need to decrease the greenhouse gases that are produced by humans to levels that are less than zero (, 2014). It aims at decreasing the levels of…
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Investigation into the use of science by an environmental advocacy body
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Download file to see previous pages 12). The report sought to provide a comprehensive and entirely practical ten year plan to exchange all the stationary energy requirements with one hundred percent renewable energy sources using proven technologies along with engineering. This deals with the common notion that the renewable energy cannot be used the replacement of fossil fuels, either as a result of under-development of the technology, or the concerns in regard to the costs associated with the technologies (Husher, 2009, p. 119). The group accepts pro-bono contributions from professionals such as engineers and scientists to take part in their projects in the same way open source software is produced and developed.
The organization subscribes to the notion that the concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are at dangerous levels that keep increasing and that even when the objective of zero emissions in the worldwide economy is attained, the concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will still have to be decreased to a safer threshold. According to Beyond Zero Emissions, 350 ppm was the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere at which the fragmentation of the ice in the Arctic Sea started (Coghill, Sampford and Smith, 2011, p. 129). An amount in the area around 280 and 325 ppm is seen as the permissible amount and decreasing the levels in the atmosphere to this amount is appropriate and crucial. The organization believes that can be achieved through the implementation of concentrated plants that harvest solar.
The prevailing levels of greenhouse gases that are in the atmosphere are already considerably high to push the climatic system way past the tipping scales (Manahan, 2007, p.215). These levels are at an undesirable risk of dangerous and permanent changes to the climate of the globe, biodiversity, and by extension, human civilization (Shukla, 1997, p. 173). These changes have a direct impact on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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