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Some individuals usually enjoy the work done, mostly due to their passion or hobby. The situation is referred as intrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation occurs when people do their work because of fear of reprimand sack from…
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of the of the Paradigm The situation is best applied in the workplace. Some individuals usually enjoy the work done,mostly due to their passion or hobby. The situation is referred as intrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation occurs when people do their work because of fear of reprimand sack from their superiors. Employees tend to complete a task just to please their superiors; hence extrinsic motivation is the most common type of motivation at the work place.
Paradigm 2
At the work place, ‘the process’ includes providing a comfortable environment for the employees. The conditions include favorable contract terms, a flexible working schedule, work-benefits and an environment that allows for their growth. Result orientation focuses on the output of the process. Result orientation focuses on the quality and quantity of the output. In the workplace, it includes having a setup list that is used to determine if the goals of the process have been achieved.
Paradigm 3
For example, in factory, the management is supposed to make sure all the departments are taken care of. The departments, which include manufacturing, sales, processing, human resource and the finance department, should be well coordinated so that whole process smooth. A neglect of any one department can lead to the collapse of the whole system or the whole system being inefficient.
Paradigm 4
A firm should have a good relationship with its customers, community and the employees themselves. A good relationship with the community is reached when the firm has a social responsibility programme that benefits the community. The programmes may include funding community projects,organizing trade fairs that educate them and giving the locals a priority during hiring of employees. A good working relationship enhances the firms image; hence boosting its returns. Read More
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