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Intrinsic Versus Extrinsic Motivation - Research Paper Example

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The paper critically analyses three primary research on extrinsic and intrinsic motivation to differentiate the impact of extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. Some studies in this field shifted from the situational manipulation to studying the individualized…
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Intrinsic Versus Extrinsic Motivation
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Extract of sample "Intrinsic Versus Extrinsic Motivation"

Download file to see previous pages  In his article, Lepper, and corpus involved seven hundred and ninety-seven third-grade participants to the learners at the eighth grade from two different schools from the San Francisco district around the California’s Bay Area. In the first district, the study included 577 participants, from large urban region, whereas the second district constituted about 220 participants in the suburban area identified for great performance in academics. Generally, the subjects that were selected in this study were divided equally across the different grading levels starting from grade three to grad. The number of the female participants were equal to that of the male participants with one of the participants not providing his sex details. The total population sample was made up of Asian Americans (42%), African Americans (2%), Caucasian (34%), Hispanic (5%), and children from different ethnic groups (10). The Chinese, and the Indian America, Japanese American, Korean American, Filipino American, and Vietnamese American,were identified as Asian subjects.
During the study Lepper, and corpus used a questionnaire as a tool for collecting data. Questionnaires together with separate indices of extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, and the vital questions of demography on age, sex, and ethnicity were given to the participants after obtaining the consent from their parents in the classrooms of participating. For the participants from the second district, the social desirability measure was taken into consideration in the questionnaire.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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