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Classification Essay: What You Need To Know

Classification Essay: What You Need To Know

By StudentShareRelease Year: 2019

Comprehensive Information on Classification Essay

The world is made up of things that are in different categories. If you start with humans, they are in groups made up of people differentiated by race, age, social status, nationality, and education level. The categorization also applies to behaviors, objects, and other things you can find. A classification essay is based on these categorizations.

Just like other tasks issued by the professors, you are expected to take these essays seriously. The work begins right when the topic is issued. You have to comprehend the requirements of the question presented. Work on the appropriate content and prepare the classification essays to the standards expected by the professor. Otherwise, it is your grade that suffers.

Most students are not familiar with these essay types. That means they do not have an idea of how to write them. Coupled with that, other personal challenges prevent them from preparing the best content. The hurdles include lack of time, limited writing skills, and the inability to comprehend the task instructions.

Is there hope for the students who do not know how to write on the classification essay topics? Yes. This article dwells on these essays and provides tips on what the students should do to prepare pieces that they can comfortably hand into their professors for grading. Read closely.

What Is a Classification Essay? Get Informed

Many students often ask themselves, what is a classification essay? While there are those who already know the definition, the majority are still struggling to distinguish this essay type from the others. A classification and division essay is an academic paper that is meant for students to demonstrate their ability to explain the different categories that objects, people, and other things fall into.

Apart from putting things into the different groups, you have to include examples that fall under each of the categories. You are the one to decide on the categories you intend to have in the essay. Therefore, these tasks require much creativity, extensive research, and the ability to analyze things and decide on where they belong.

Here is a short classification essay example for you:

There are different impacts a commercial can have on a company. The good commercials improve the reputation of the business while the bad ones put the organization in a bad light. Everything is dependent on the quality of the commercial created. A funny advertisement often attracts the attention of the viewers. The intention of those who create the adverts is to instill a feel-good emotion in the psychology of the customers that these clients start to associate with the brand that is being advertised. Commercials can be put into three categories; those that are funny, the underdone ones, and those that are overdone.

The first group is made up of the adverts, which have a level of humor that is effective, and the intended message is sent appropriately. The viewers are happy when such adverts come up. Moreover, it persuades the viewers to increase their purchase of a given product. When an advert achieves its goal of convincing the customers to purchase a given product, it is said to be effective.

The next category of adverts are the overdone ones. Underdone commercials are those that have inadequate information. The advertisements do not describe a product or its use. Such commercials only leave potential customers confused. In this case, many things pass on the screen. As a result, the viewers are distracted. Such commercials cannot hold the attention of these viewers for long. Moreover, the viewer misses the main message that the advert is meant to pass.

You also need to know that humor is a complex issue. What is funny to one person may be offensive to another. The definition of a good joke varies from one person to the next. There are those companies that have created advertisements that can be considered ‘stupid’ because of the content they present. A good example is a toilet cleaning product advert that may keep coming up when people are eating. The viewers may become disgusted.

There are many adverts that commercial creators can come up with. The overdone, underdone, and unreasonable commercials are not good for a company’s growth. Businesses should learn how to create adverts that are funny but effective when it comes to increasing sales.

Selecting the Best Division Classification Essay Topics

An essay begins right from the specific topic you opt for. It is never easy to come up with an appropriate topic. You need to know that when you select the wrong subject, the quality of your paper is negatively affected. There are a few things that you need to put into consideration to choose the appropriate division classification essay topics. The first thing you should know is the purpose of the essay. In most cases, these essays are aimed at informing the professors of the existence of certain objects and the fact that they are categorized into the different groups. The subject you choose for the classification paper should beet your purpose.

The next step is to come up with as many topics as possible. Think of what can work in your case. Begin by the things that are close to where you are. However, only settle for the things that can make excellent topics. At this point, you are not expected to do any analysis. Just have the list of the probable topics.

After that, evaluate each topic for classification essay that you have come up with. Eliminate the ones that you find unsuitable until you only have a narrow list. Several things should come as to the topic you opt for. The first is where your interest lies. Take a topic that you love. That way, you can find it easier to express yourself. Additionally, the topic should be specific enough such that you can complete it at the right time. Moreover, ensure it is something that can make the classification paper interesting.

Some examples of the topics you can consider are as below:

  • Different funding options available to start-ups
  • Categories of managerial skills that are good for the running of a business
  • The types of bosses encountered at the places of work
  • Strategies for resolving workplace conflicts
  • The different parenting techniques

How to Write a Classification Essay Expertly

Now that you already know the definition, the next step is to learn how to write a classification essay. Students find these tasks hard because they usually require more extensive research. Though the work is common, the majority of students struggle to complete them as required. The challenge is that most professors do not explain properly how one should prepare them. Moreover, some of the classification essay examples these students come across are not well-structured.

Some students are also accustomed to the other essay types and find the classification type too hard to write. Because they do not have the drive to prepare exquisite essays, they end up with low-quality pieces. Have you ever come across stellar classification essay samples and wondered the procedure followed to come up with them? Here are the elaborate processes you need to follow:

Come Up with Practical Essay Ideas to Write

There are cases where the professors do not specify any specific topics that you should discuss. It is up to you to generate the classification essay ideas. Take your time and ensure that it is something interesting and you can write on it adequately. You can pick on a group of individuals, objects, or specific ideas which are divisible into the categories. Do not pick a subject that has too many groups, and it becomes hard for you to explain all the categories. To make your work easier, opt for the classification and division essay topics with items that you can place in 3-5 groups.

Do a preliminary check of the suitability of the topic chosen. Here, you can do research and find out if there is enough content to include in your essay. A perfect subject is that it has adequate content to work with. If you do not find enough information, you can opt for a completely different topic.

Where there is a specific topic issued, you need to take your time and understand it. It is dangerous to go straight to writing before you understand what is required. These essays rarely have difficult keywords apart from the thing you are to deal with.

Plan in Advance the Things You Intend to Do

Now that you have already decided on the topic you intend to write; it is time to plan on the writing activities you need to undertake. Allocate the time you need to do the research, write the work, and proofread the completed piece. With proper planning, you cannot forget anything. The planning should be based on the volume of work you are expected to complete and the deadline for submission of your piece. You also need time to look at some expertly prepared classification and division essay examples so that you can get an idea of how to organize your content.

Decide on the Categories to Use Here

Think of the various groups in which you want to split the essay topic. While there are those subjects that can be divided into many sections, others only have a few options. For example, if your essay is about the type of athletes, there is someone who can decide to approach it in terms of the sports they play while another may split it into the amount of money they earn or their level of passion towards their specific sports. Decide on the angle you want to take that can make the division classification essay exemplary.

The next step is to do your research and come up with adequate information on the various categories you have. The sources you use should be credible to make your essay more believable. The information you need includes the proper description of each category, including the characteristics. As you do the research, you will likely notice that there may be similarities in the various groups. That should not deter you from moving on as these essays allow for the element of compare and contrast.

Work on the Classification Essay Outline

You need to determine the classification essay outline in advance. That way, you can write flawlessly. Decide on the sequence of your ideas based on the categories you have opted for, and the information collected to. To be certain of what you intend to write, prepare short notes with categories and the explanations to accompany them. Begin from the most important point to the least critical.

The next point is to begin classification writing. This process should now be easy when you have prepared adequately. The ideas and examples are already in place. Additionally, you know the outline to follow. The task at hand is to expound on your points to make them comprehensible.

Good classification papers are made up of three sections:

  • Introduction

Most students are unaware of how to begin writing these essays. As you introduce the paper, elaborate on the topic you want to discuss. It is inappropriate to go straight to categorization. The professor should know your basis of classification. When you present descriptive information, the professor finds your work attractive. Right from the beginning, the professor should know what you intend to talk about in your essay. Bring out every information as clearly as possible.

  • Body

The number of paragraphs in the division and classification essay is determined by the number of categories you have in the essay. To make the essay clearer, you should have 4-7 categories. That ensures the professors can easily comprehend your content.

Each paragraph should have a clear topic sentence. In other words, the first sentence should already give an idea of what you intend to discuss in that paragraph. Provide specific explanations after that. Provide as many examples as possible to ensure there are no doubts about the research you did.

Moreover, the ideas should flow logically. The tip is to ensure you begin from the simplest to the most complicated idea in your view. Predictable progression makes your piece easy to read. Depending on the topic you have, the categorization can be from the shortest class to the longest, the most entertaining to the least entertaining or the friendliest to the least friendly. Discuss just one idea in every paragraph. Pass the intended information appropriately. Some websites provide qualitative classification essay examples free and check how they have ordered the body paragraphs.

  • Conclusion

What is a classification conclusion? At this point, you are ready to finish the essay. Here, you now put together everything you have written in the essay body. Give a summary of the classes you have discussed. Write the final thought without being repetitive.

How to Proofread the Completed Work

It can be frustrating when you do everything right just to get low marks because you did not edit the final work. After you complete the essay, you need to take some time and go through your whole piece. As you read the whole paper, confirm the ideas flow logically, and the transitional words for research papers have been used appropriately.

Ensure your message is clear, and the grammar is right. You can look at examples of classification essay and see how to frame your statements. Ensure that your work is flawless.

Tips on the Essay Transition Words to Use

As you move from one paragraph to the next, it is appropriate to use the right essay transition. You need to connect the ideas properly. For this specific category of essays, you can use words like:

  • In this class
  • Many types of
  • Can be classified into

Still Finding It Hard? Seek Professional Help

You need to read these tips and go through many division and classification essay examples to build your prowess in this area. If you still require professional assistance, there are also expert writers that can help. Feel free to place your order today!

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  • Classification Essay: What You Need To Know
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