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The main answer is the price of cars. The main answer is the price of cars.  The Tata Nano was produced by Tata Motors with Ratan Tata at the helm. He had a desire to built the cheapest cars for Indians and also export it to other countries. Ratan Tata is convinced of the necessity of manufacturing such cars for some reasons. Firstly, with improving India’s roads and rising there a middle class, these cars would be the best choice for routine needs. Secondly,  it can be safer for people, who used to riding motorbikes. One more reason for exporting the cars, for example, to the USA, is the tendency of young people to buy cars in high school. The Tata Nano cars can be the most popular vehicles for them because of the price and, therefore, availability. Even though the cars stay low-cost vehicles, it doesn’t mean that the quality of materials which Tata Nano is made of is expected to be better. What else makes the Tata Nano’s cars cheap? The absence of air conditioning and heater. Still, it doesn’t cause any problems in selling the cars. One more benefit of Tata Nano is its possibility to avoid emitting too much greenhouse gases while using.  

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