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International Marketing of Tata Nano Electric Car into Japan - PowerPoint Presentation Example

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This project examines the possibility and conditions of launching Tata Nano in Pakistan. Tata Nano is one of the largest car manufacturers of India. Tata Nano is a car launched by them for the middle class market. It is positioned as the world's most economical car…
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International Marketing of Tata Nano Electric Car into Japan
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Download file to see previous pages This report also raises some questions that need to be answered prior to launching Tata Nano in Pakistan. These include whether it would be beneficial to retain the current positioning strategy of Tata of the worlds most economical car in a country like Pakistan where the psychology of the target market is very brand oriented. Likewise, will Tata Nano be able to match prices currently being provided by the current manufacturers' after adding up the custom duty and other expenses Will Tata be able to launch a CNG variant of the nano to suit the needs of the Pakistani market in a better way
This report aims to give a detailed insight and provides recommendations as to how to achieve success. Moreover, the plan consists of first launching the product in a test marketing campaign and after success only, a full fledged marketing plan is proposed.
Tata Nano is a star product of the Tata group.It was one of the most talked about cars at the Detroit1 show and instigated a debate on how well it would be received in the international markets. With the target of manufacturing more than 1 million cars every year, it can be expected that Tata would be eyeing foreign markets. There is no business market as lucrative as Pakistan for the neighboring Indian Companies, for the reasons of cost saving due to proximity, relatively similar environmental and economic conditions and same language making operations easier.

Product Launch -Tata Nano
The target market of Tata Nano is the middle class of Pakistan with the income range:
PKR 25000 lower middle class
PKR 50000 middle-middle class and
PKR 75000 and above (upper Middle Class)
Niche Marketing or Mass Marketing
We propose to launch Tata Nano in Pakistan. Initially we would proceed with a test launch and if the product picks up in the local market we may opt for either starting manufacturing in Pakistan or having offices and having agents and dealers take care of the sales of this region.
So even though we will be targeting the masses but initially it would be a small scale launch due to tough competitive situation.

Present Market Situation

Since the year 2001, Pakistan's military regime under president Musharraf vowed to bring about economic reforms.
This new growth strategy was stimulated by the easier credit policies of Banking Sector and for a decade car financing was made very easy.
This led to a very high road & traffic density, and manufacturers like Pak Suzuki claim to manufacture a 100,000 vehicles in the year 2007


Pak Suzuki is the single most preferred brand of locally manufactured cars and suits the lower middle and middle -middle class income groups. Their most popular brands are Suzuki Mehran & Suzuki Alto VXR
Chevrolet, Cherry QQ, Adam Revo (locally manufactured), Nisan March, Toyota Duet also have occupied their own niches in this market.


According to Pakistan & Gulf economist, Even in these tough market conditions, July 2008, the total sales of cars was 7,418 units

Last year, in the same period a record 12,438 units were sold.
Sale & Production Statistics according to Pakistan Automobile Manufacturers Association
Market Share Calculated on
Cumulative Sales for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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