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What is Argyles Communication Cycle?

write a brief summary of the Argyles Communication Cycle

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The 'communication cycle' refers to a theory that was developed by Michael Argyle. This theory focuses on six important communication concepts. These steps are defined below.

The first stage is the development of the idea. This involves thinking about something such as a particular subject. You plan on telling someone something about a particular subject. This means talking about something that you have been thinking about before.

The second stage is the coding of the message. This stage allows the message to be shared. To achieve this, the idea is converted into a communication form. The two communications styles, verbal and the non-verbal are considered.

The third step involves sending the message. This stage allows for the sending of the encoded message to the other person. The people can receive the message verbally, in the written form, or in a sign language among other communication methods.

The fourth stage is the message getting received by the other person.  This means the recipient must be in the capacity to get the sent message. He must be in contact and familiar with the medium being used. If the message is sent via text, the recipient must be in the capacity to read the text.

The fifth step involves decoding the message. Decoding is achieved through making assumptions to what is contained in the message.

The last stage is the understanding the message. Once the second party receives and decodes the message, he must be in the capacity to understand the message. If the message is sent through text, he must in the capacity to read and understand that message.

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Huh, I thought I could answer this question, once saw it in a list. But it will be hard to add anything new. So, I’ll add critics. As we know, this theory forgot to include one essential point in communication cycle, which is giving feedback. Without a proper response to a message sent, there is no communication happening. If a message is sent, but no answer came back, there is no dialogue, no communication, nothing. So it is essential to mention this point in all the communication cycles theories.

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