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Communication at the Individual Level - Book Report/Review Example

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The reporter describes communication theory as one of the most important linguistic theories since it explains the various types of issues which concern the society, which includes discussion on topics such as drug abuse…
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Communication at the Individual Level
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Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, communication theory has a significant role in public interest meta-discourses. These quotations imply that the present culture is obsessed with drugs. The culture is also strongly obsessed with communications. Hence, the aforementioned and has been able to capture both the issues, one of the drugs and the other of communications. Both these cultural obsessions are clearly juxtaposed in the quotations. Drugs are generally taken for making us feel better. However, drugs can have a number of dangerous side effects as well. Hence, it is important that the teenagers and kids are made aware of the negative effects of drugs through regular communications. Communications, therefore, help the society to reduce the social and cultural ills such as drugs.
Meta-discourse can be loosely defined as talking about talk. The cultural theory of communication states that communication can change the behavior of people irrespective of their cultural background, contrary to what the community-biologists believe. Communication theory includes reflexive and abstract meta-discourses on communication. The ad from the drug company implies that it’s always good to talk. Drug companies have realized that communication serves as the best tool to reduce drug intake and help promote their business.
There have been a number of researches done to test the effect of a person self-schemata and its connection with the advertisements or messages. It has been observed that the products which match closely with an individual’s self-schemata are the messages which are preferred by the individuals. It has also been observed that the messages which match an individual’s self-schemata would create a decreased or an increased persuasion. It’s actually the quality of argument presented in the advertisement or message which determines whether the persuasion for the individual would increase or decrease.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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