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What are some examples of concept essays about love?

I need several concept essay examples about love. Example of self concept essay is also fine
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Concept essay is close to an interpretive essay.

It makes you research thoroughly and then consider issues you didn’t ever think about.

Topics like love or your self-concept are a great choice.

In this essay, you have to explore the issue of choice, find out everything related to it. If that is an abstract idea taken as a concept, like love, person, self-image, hate, etc. you will come across philosophical theories.

Analyze the concept as you understand it, based on your experience and knowledge.
Start off with the definition. It would work as a statement for your essay.

Then elaborate on this definition, explain it with several arguments.
Make your point clear. Sum up everything you said in conclusion. Make it short and precise. Like your first sentence, but with other words.

Here is a link to find Concept essay examples on Studentshare.org

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