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Middle East Story - Essay Example

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West Side Story is a very powerful and poignant play in itself. However, by modernizing it and changing the location, I have attempted to show another version of the still existing problems and conflicts. I have called my modernized version of West Side Story, the Middle East Story, since it takes place in Middle East.
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Middle East Story
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Extract of sample "Middle East Story"

Download file to see previous pages Mariam is Muslim and Tony is Christian. I personally believe this change greatly changes the story and makes it even more impossible for Mariam and Tony to be together. Also, it is important to note that the story does take place in 2006. America and the Muslim world is at a point where any communication leads to inevitable misunderstanding and yet, Tony, an American Christian soldier falls in love with the Islamic Qatari Mariam.
I really like my modernized version of the play. I feel that since there is so much hostility between the Americans and the Muslims, showing a play where both sides want to give up what they stand for and just be devoted to each other shows that love prevails over all. Throwing dirt on others does not make us a better person; and violence is definitely not the answer to all questions. Middle East Story shows that life is short, and questions, is it wise to spend a short life hating and killing those who disagree with our viewpoint
In my modernized version, Tony does die. I felt it was important for Tony to die, because even after he dies, Mariam shows her affection for him. She covers his face with her head covering, her identity of being a Muslim. I felt this was a very powerful scene in the play.
This play is based on the musical, West Side Story, and I have attempted to modernize it by making a few...
Mariam is the sister of Qatar's Islamic groups' leader, Ibrahim. Ibrahim wants Qatar to be independent of the American soldiers because he fears the Americans would Westernize the Qataris and cause trouble. From the start it is established that Mariam's family is against the American soldiers. Tony, the guy with whom Mariam meets and falls in love, is an American soldier. This racial difference is very difficult to deal with. The American soldiers pity the Qataris whom the Americans believe are living a backwards life. The American soldiers believe women should have more freedom and the country overall should be more open-minded. The lack of understanding between both races leads to hatred; the American soldiers stationed in Qatar and the members of the Islamic groups have a hard time tolerating each other.
A social class difference also exists between Mariam and Tony. Mariam comes from a very wealthy family. Her family owns a big house and she enjoys a comfortable lifestyle. Tony, on the other hand, comes from a middle class family. He lives in an apartment and does not enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. According to Qatar standards, a girl that comes from a wealthy family is supposed to be married to a man who is either of equal financial status or preferably richer.
The last and major difference is the religion difference. This difference is not mentioned in the West Side Story. Mariam is a Muslim woman and Tony is a Christian man. According to Islam, it is not permissible for Mariam to get married to Tony. Also, Mariam came from a family that was religiously active and consistently reinforced the teachings and principles of Islam.
The whole play revolves around conflicts between the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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