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Worst day of my life

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The phrase ‘worst day of my life’ is not that rare to hear out there. Still, if that is the question, I don’t really know how to answer it. How is it possible for somebody to call a day in your life ‘worst’ or ‘best.’ If you’re looking for somebody’s experience, there are plenty of essays and narratives on the topic written by students, adults, journalists and famous bloggers.

F.e.Buzzfeed recently released an article called “the worst day of my life is now New York's hottest tourist attraction,” where the author tells of the 9/11 Memorial Museum. The grief of thousands of people is now made into a most visited tourist place.    

As far as I remember there is a ‘worst day of my life’ movie and Simpsons episode. Also, there is probably no need to remind about all the journal notes, starting with words, like “dear diary today was the worst and best day of my life so far.” Those are also a favorite start for various movies and books.

These words are quite often used, for they always attract people’s attention. Suddenly, everybody wants to know what made the day that awful you call it the worst one you had in life.

Thus, if you are writing your essay, you may boldly start it that way. If you look for other’s people experience, there is plenty of material out there on the web. If you want somebody to tell you which particular day was worst in YOUR life… then whoops, sorry. It won’t ever be possible.

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