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Statistics and Qualitative Analysis - Essay Example

Choices: _____ 1 – 4 _____ 5 – 8 _____ 9 – 12 _____ 13 and up For these questions, I suppose it would be appropriate to use the interval level of measurement being the standard survey rating scale for the sake of ranking data and to figure the precise differences between units of measure based on predetermined intervals. Out of the results or answer data gathered, the extent of the person’s sociability may be inferred as the behavioral information obtained through the first question would indicate that internet users with large number of hours to spend on social networking most likely possess several friends to communicate with compared to those with less hours of internet surfing. Similarly, an inference of whether an individual is mature or immature may be drawn according to the estimates provided in the second question. Sources: Bluman. Elementary Statistics (A Step By Step Approach). 8th edition. “Types of Survey Questions.” Retrieved from http://gk12.harvard.edu/modules/SurveyQuestionTypes.pdf on July 10, 2012. (2) Data Presentations Histograms or bar graphs are widely utilized as ‘quality improvement tools’ by representing data through varying rectangular column heights in which the frequencies projected from along the vertical axis are plotted against horizontal range of equal intervals. Through these fundamental features, analysis of product quality comes with ease for manufacturing reports depend upon histograms to keep track of how often defects occur within a specified timeframe.

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Qualitative Analysis
The government of Singapore has a significant control in most corporations, which constitutes about 60% of the GDP through business entities like Sovereign Wealth Fund (Temasek, Huff 751). The country has a free business environment with comparatively low levels of corruption, transparency in management of public affairs and constant/predictable prices changes.
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Qualitative Analysis
Qualitative research may sometimes take a structured or semi-structure and even sometimes-unstructured questions or interviews (Faherty, 2008). Since the targeted persons are never trained or inducted on how they could respond to these interview questions, most people tend to answer these questions in the best ways known to them; thereby, sometimes ending up providing irrelevant responses (Starparu, 2011).
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licts with parents. However, current literature on the topic does not include adolescents with symptoms of depression severe enough to be involved in mental health care (Lichtwarck-Aschoff et al., 2009). Clinically depressed adolescents disengage during conflict with parents as a defense mechanism in order to reject any unpleasant or intense trigger that could represent a personal danger (Jackson et al., 2011).
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Qualitative analysis
Nominal data is that which can be ranked (ordered) while ordinal data cannot be ranked. i. To establish a particular characteristics in the population. Since they will be studying different qualities in the population, the group will be able to determine a particular characteristic (quality) which will be common in the members of the population.
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Statistics/Analysis - Descriptive and Inferential Presentation
These data are provided in the attached Excel file. Estimate a simple linear regression model between the quantity sold (Y) and each of the following candidates for the best explanatory variable: average
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Qualitative Research
to establish why people have certain attitudes, behaviors, lifestyles, motivations and value systems among other characteristics (Qsrinternational, Nd). Normally, qualitative research is based on the analysis of information that is either formal or unstructured. As opposed to
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Qualitative and Quantitative Research
One cannot use qualitative research when the subject requires statistics, or quantitative if the research is too descriptive. The best reason for using quantitative research methods
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Inferential Statistics
In this research report, the author support his research topic by relating it to previous research taken by other one of them was about the use of
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Qualitative analysis
The objectives were; to explain the reasons why people were going to KDS; to explore the aspects of the store which could encourage or discourage its use among the customers; to find out the range of products or
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Hence, the charting process of detecting product defects may be carried out by first counting a number of data pints with reference to the number of defective units found, summarizing the collected data on a tally sheet, and identifying the range. Construction of histogram proceeds with determining interval width out of the known number of intervals. Then, the counting and plotting of the number of points in each interval makes the crucial step that explicates how such histogram can be taken significant advantage of in evaluating whether or not the standard quality for a product is achieved. Other useful statistical graphs include frequency polygons, ogives, Pareto chart, time series graph, and pie graph. Sources: LeanMan. “Histograms:: Bar Charts:: Quality Improvement Tools.” HubPages. Retrieved from http://leanman.hubpages.com/hub/Histograms-Bar-Charts-Quality-Tools on July 10, 2012. “Basic Tools for Process Improvement.” Retrieved from http://www.saferpak.com/histogram_articles/howto_histogram.pdf on July 10, 2012. (3) Probability In the business world, the chief role of probability is signified in evaluating risks derived from financial and decision-making terms. Since probability, by simple definition, refers to the chance of an event taking place, then one concrete instance of its application in manufacturing industry would be on determining the regional capacity and requirement for production. This particularly aids manufacturers to locate strategic sites on which to establish a firm or plant such as if a region is figured to have spots rich in oil or gas reserves then a petroleum refinery may be set up within the area to target optimum refined yields with confidence that this condition is favorable for revenue increase. Hence, there is high probability of generating several large volumes of refined petroleum products, increasing the likelihood of achieving maximum profits for the company that, through probability
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(1) Statistics and Quantitative Analysis To acquire knowledge about (social) peers, I would most probably ask the following in survey: (a) How many hours do you spend surfing the net for the purpose of social networking (as in Facebook or Tweeter) in a week?…
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Statistics and Qualitative Analysis
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