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The Importance of Outdoor Activities in Kamloops - Case Study Example

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This paper "The Importance of Outdoor Activities in Kamloops" discusses outdoor activities that play a very significant role in Kamloops. Apart from enhancing socialization and the creation of job opportunities in the community, it also leads to the generation of domestic income…
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The Importance of Outdoor Activities in Kamloops
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Extract of sample "The Importance of Outdoor Activities in Kamloops"

Download file to see previous pages Indoor, as well as outdoor activities in Kamloops, play very significant roles. In addition to serving as tourist attractions, they also improve the health of the participators. In tandem with this, the paper aims at expounding on the outdoor activities and their contribution to Kamloops. In addressing this, the paper will expound on the domestic and foreign contributions of the Kamloops outdoor activities. In doing this, it will expound on how outdoor activities enhance the good health of the people, increase the level of socialization, and reduce crime rates in Kamloops. The paper will also provide detailed information on the foreign contributions such as tourism, the creation of employment opportunities, a unification of countries through participating in outdoor activities, and the growth of Kamloops' economy through outdoor activities. The paper will also explain on how outdoor activities enhance recreation activities in Kamloops.

As it was introduced above, the outdoor activities in Kamloops are many and diverse. These activities manage to bring people not only together but also contribute significantly to the collection of revenue. The activities also enhance the creation of job opportunities for the local people in addition to reducing some un-societal acts within Kamloops.
According to Pender and Richard (12), “outside is both an educational and social experience.” In tandem with this assertion, it is evident that outside activities prepare one to take responsibility for oneself. The outside activities make one learn how to observe rules associated with safety. It is also through participation in outdoor activities that people learn about the essence of paying attention to things such as traffic. Additionally, the outdoor activities make one not only to be informed on the current conditions but also to exercise common sense in all activities in life (Theobald 31). In terms of socialization, outdoor activities bring people from different regions together.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Importance of Outdoor Activities in Kamloops Case Study.
(The Importance of Outdoor Activities in Kamloops Case Study)
The Importance of Outdoor Activities in Kamloops Case Study.
“The Importance of Outdoor Activities in Kamloops Case Study”.
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