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The paper 'Outdoor Recreation Movement in America" discusses that the preservation is essential when nature is concerned since there should be understanding that in as much as the current population might enjoy leisure from nature the succeeding populations have rights to exploit similar services…
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Outdoor Recreation Movement in America
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Outdoor Recreation Movement in America Lacey Act enacted in 1900 This law proscribed inter trafficking of wildlife products whether dead or alive. This law promotes the conservation of wildlife and their protection. Preservation of scenic areas, natural wonders, primitive areas, and historic sites of national significance. This has enabled for the restoration of some of the land and animal species that would have been extinct in those areas. 
Code of Federal Regulations (40 C.F.R)
The initiation of this code of act fostered the understanding of the boundaries of operations by the law (Jensen, Clayne & Steven 284). Administration of Federal lands for the largest achievable recreation gain constant with other vital utilizations. The management of the recreation gains has attributed to the provision of means to manage the population finances while availing the appropriate uses.

Creation of Environmental and Natural Resources Law and Policy Program (ENRLP)
This program has ensured that the natural resources are not misused but are treated as provided in the law. Collaboration with the States via technical and financial assistance in the United States has been pivotal in embracing outdoor recreation. 
Initiation of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry
This has led to the presumption of vigorous administration of the natural resources and the environment and the accompanied attempts. The committee assisted the people into understanding the essence of the rural and by carrying out visit in the areas, the economy is boosted in the areas due to the money received from leisure activities. The assumption of enthusiastic, supportive leadership in a nationwide recreation effort among the government, state and the law has been improved through the outlined act (Jensen, Clayne & Steven 298). Read More
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