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About how some aspect of the year 1968 contributed to it being a unique year in world history - Essay Example

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There are vast of events that took place in the year 1968 all over the world that saw to it major transitions. Some of the events include the…
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"About how some aspect of the year 1968 contributed to it being a unique year in world history"

Download file to see previous pages A huge wave protests against Vietnam War and racism prevailed in the United States in the year 1968. The democratic convention is one of the remarkable protests that took place in this year. The police beat the demonstrators in their chanting while the whole world watched. The 1968’s color students’ strike made the first significant breakthrough in the war for ethnic studies. Radicalization became deeper and broader in year 1968 than the previous years. More students supported Che Guevara, a Latin American revolutionist than his counterparts in the United States’ presidential candidacy (Kurlansky 84).
A survey by New York Times showed that 40% of the students figure that accounted to approximately three million people thought that the United States needed revolution. The radical sentiment became stronger. It started with the African American society in 1968 and later penetrated to the Asian American, Native American, Chicano and Puerto Rican. The 1968’s radical battalions failed to unite by only one doctrine or program. Various predominant themes that reflected their fifteen years of black power, antiwar and civil rights protests that had dictated their political evolvement were their main perspective (Kurlansky 45).
The anti-imperialism as well as the antiracism was in the front position, in the radical outlook. The source of inspiration of the two groups was from the liberation movements. The movements were crashing the notion that United States was invisible. 1968 was the year when the Cuban and Vietnamese revolutions, Marxist armed groups in Latin America, people’s china and also the Middle East joined together into an unstoppable torrent. The activist of the time regarded solidarity to the third world as their major responsibility. It was a term that was commonly used during that period and resulted to today’s global south.
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