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Qinghai Lake Water Level Decline - Research Paper Example

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This project paper "Qinghai Lake Water Level Decline" focuses on the causes of the continual decline of Qinghai Lake's water level from last 2 decades. Qinghai Lake is one of the most beautiful and scenic attractions of Qinghai province as well as one of its most important environmental resources. …
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Qinghai Lake Water Level Decline
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Download file to see previous pages Qinghai Lake, located in the northeastern of Tibet-Qinghai plateau, is managed by Qinghai Province of China. It is between latitude N3632-3715 and longitude E993-10047. It covers 4234 km2 (2007) with a water area of 29,660 km2 on the northeastern margin of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and the circumference of the lake comprises approximately 360 km. It is the seventh largest saline lake in the world by area, and the largest saline lake in China. Qinghai Lake comprises large quantities of biodiversity wealth, such as wetlands, alpine meadows, grasslands, farmlands and dunes. Fish, birds, mammals and other rare wild animals and plants together constitute Qinghai Lakes unique ecosystem. Qinghai Lake is not only important at the state level but it also important at the national level. According to China National Natural Resources Protection Center (CNNRPC), Qinghai Lake has been identified as a national protection reserve area and its total area of nearly 4,200 km2 has been designed to be a state level nature reserve as Wetlands of International Importance (LiShijie&LiWanchun, 1998). Therefore, Qinghai Lake is the most important water body to sustain the unique high elevation ecosystem in Qinghai Lake Basin.
The economic importance of the Qinghai Lake has been evident because of the tourist attraction towards the place. The Qinghai Lake is recognized for the impressive landscape and prosperous aquatic resources that has been able to attract many tourists. The immense richness value of the Qinghai Lake has made it a tourist spot. Therefore, today, Qinghai Lake tourism is one of the pillar industries of Qinghai province. The government has taken advantage of Qinghai Lakes natural resources to develop local tourism that contributes to Qinghai province’s economic development. As a result, Qinghai Lake has experienced tremendous depletion of its ecological environment.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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