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In what ways does the internet expand contemporary mediated public life with what consequences - Essay Example

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The concept of the “public sphere” was developed by Hebermas, and it refers to a theatre-like setting in the modern community, where the members of society engage in politics through the exchange of information (talk) (Emden and Midgley, 2013). Over the publicly mediated…
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In what ways does the internet expand contemporary mediated public life with what consequences
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Download file to see previous pages rticular platform is distinct from the state, because it plays the role of fostering the creation, exchange and communication of discussions, which can in some cases, be critical and attacking to the state and its authority (Washbourne, 2010, p. 122). Due to the distinctive nature of the sphere, it is believed that a new public outlook is needed, to secure the critical role of this new arena, and to help with the institutionalization of democracy (Emden and Midgley, 2013).
The supporters of the new field of discourse maintain that the internet is a means that can be used for the expansion of citizen discourse in improving the rationality of public opinion; the arena allows citizens to participate in the politics of their societies. However, the internet is viewed in a more critical manner, as compared to the internet, as it is considered a platform for radical democracy, which can help marginalized groups. The internet is considered particularly important to the groups that are marginalised in mainstream public sphere, as a platform that allows them the opportunity to start forums, connect with one another, and challenge the practices and the meanings propagated by mainstream groups (Emden and Midgley, 2013). Through this paper, the author will explore the relationship between contemporary politics and social media, through the critical analysis of theories, concepts, and ideas, shading more light using theoretical models.
Before the emergence of the innovative media, the traditional mass media platforms used for broadcasting and press communication were considered sufficient and beneficial to the society, helping it to guarantee the administration of democratic politics (Emden and Midgley, 2013). Traditional media platforms were also considered sufficient enough to communicate and sustain public opinion across the public sphere. Their sufficiency was evident from the fact that traditional media could transmit information to politicians and citizens, and it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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