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Key Transformation for Deckers Outoor Corporation - Research Paper Example

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Key transformation for Deckers Outdoor Corporation Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Key transformation for Deckers Outdoor Corporation In any organization, it is significant to monitor the proportion of work produced at an instance. Sources identify such an activity as throughput…
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Key Transformation for Deckers Outoor Corporation
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, this assignment utilizes the Burke-Litwin Causal Model in discussing how these factors integrate with each other in Deckers Outdoor Corporation (DOC). It is necessary to note that all factors are critical when the enhancement of performance of an organization is the key point (Burke & Litwin, 1992). According to the model, structure refers to an arrangement of functions, responsibilities of those working in an organization, those authorities represented in the organization, as well as communication that assist the organization to attain it goals and strategy. Identification of DOC structure will aid in comprehending the variables highlighted above. Deckers utilize a decentralized structure for its management. In this method of management, the top management delegates the key responsibilities of the organization to the middle managers, who in turn direct the workforce on what they ought to do. It is, therefore, evident that the top management spends much of their time in developing useful ideas that would propel the company to attain success (Burke & Litwin, 1992). At Deckers, the application of the decentralization principle has significantly assisted it in various ways. As this structure allows the employees involvement in decision making for the organization, it makes them feel empowered unlike in a centralized management system. These employees attain satisfaction after seeing their ideas being implemented for the growth of the organization. Moreover, decentralization relieves the owner of DOC from pressures that emanate from managing the operations of an organization solely. After the delegation of such duties to other individuals in the organization, the owner of DOC spends adequate time in devising strategies to utilize in the expansion of the business (Burke & Litwin, 1992). Such a principle permits him to have unlimited time to meet those clients known to donate drastically to the intensification of the organization’s activities. At Deckers, communication is vital for its success. This is because communication is a vital constituent for the development of such an organization. According to sources, Deckers has implemented a flexible communication program to enhance understanding for every worker in the organization. For instance, at the quarter end of the organization’s calendar, the CEO meets with all employees in the corporate office in order to discuss issues of significance to both the company, as well as the individuals. They refer this meeting as all hands meeting, where they discuss a wide variety of topics such as salary increments, compensations along with any changes that the company would find it convenient to implement. It is thus clear that the overall structure of DOC plays a crucial part towards its growth. The other transactional variable described by the model concerns with the tasks and skills held by an individual. Therefore, this part of the assignment aims to understand the task performed by Deckers’ employees, along with their skills. According to sources, Deckers is a footwear manufacturer located in several states of America. The most current information reveals that Deckers manufactures six dissimilar brands of footwear. The increase in the products provided by Deckers allows it to employ an approximated 1900 staff across the states. Recruitment of a large proportion of staff in the organization attracts different skills, and this enhances the organization’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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