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The following essay entitled "Soccer Rules Tips Strategy and Safety" dwells on the game played at proficient level worldwide. As the author puts it, millions of people go to stadiums to follow and support their favorite teams whereas billions of people watch the game through television…
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Soccer Rules Tips Strategy and Safety
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If both teams score equal goals, the game results in a draw. During normal competitions, a win results in three points whereas a draw results to one point.
The basic law of this game is that only the goalkeeper should handle the ball using hands during play except in instances of a throw-in (Wingate, 2007). The players should not wear any dangerous material such as jewels whereas the goalkeeper must wear distinguishable clothing that is different from other players and match officials. Substitution of players occurs during the game and the permitted substitutions in a competitive game are three though this number may vary in friendly matches (Wingate, 2007). The reasons for substitution are injury and incompetence of a player. In addition, a coach may substitute a player in case of a tactical switch.
A referee presides the game and has complete authority to impose the laws associated with the game. The referee can send a player off the field in case of any serious offense committed such as inappropriate tackling and intentional handling of the ball. A referee may punish a player’s misconduct through caution and issues a yellow card or send off by issuing a red card (Wingate, 2007).
A standard match consists of two periods comprising of forty-five minutes each (Wingate, 2007). In addition, there is a fifteen minutes break amid halves. The referee who is the timekeeper may opt to give additional time to recover time lost because of attending an injured player. Conclusively, an individual must master some skills to perfect in this game such as shooting, juggling, and dribbling (Wingate, 2007). Defenders need to master the skill of tackling. Read More
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(Soccer Rules Tips Strategy and Safety Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 379 Words - 1)
Soccer Rules Tips Strategy and Safety Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 379 Words - 1.
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