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How Football Rules Should Be Improved - Assignment Example

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The author of the paper suggests the changes of the football rules. The author states that FIFA needs to ensure that players only represent their countries of birth and needs to introduce the goal-line technology for all competitive matches to avoid the controversies witnessed when a goal is scored…
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How Football Rules Should Be Improved
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Download file to see previous pages The fans enjoy the performance of such players as if their abilities and talents are tethered in their souls (Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Culture, Media, and Sports Committee 28).
The overwhelming worldwide support accorded to the sport does not imply of its sense of perfection. Apparently, the fans remain principle victims of irregularities and flaws associated with the sport due to their passionate commitment. They are compelled to adhere to the misdeed due to their limited options of address. However, the sport still remains oriented to benefit from numerous opportunities of adjustment and perfection. Embracing few changes in some critical areas of concern may allow for the bettering of the sport, hence making it enjoyable for the fans. Additionally, the perception of the sport being global implies that its rules should be applied and interpreted with an absolute sense of consistency across all regions. As a global football governing body, FIFA needs to develop better policies towards the training of its referees. Such policies should aim at ensuring a sense of improvement in the officiating standards that are engaged in the sport.
The game has grown from the ages of zero substitutions and disciplinary cards to the introduction of various rules, including the goal-line technology. Such allows a reflection on the versatility that may be embraced by the sport. However, the game is still in need of the embracing of various adjustments in its officiating. Therefore, suggestions aimed at making changes to the game range from scrapping the penalty shootout to sin bins. There are also suggestions to scrap the penalty shootout in the determination of the victorious team. It is of merit to acknowledge that not all not all the suggestions would be beneficial to the game. However, such should not limit the possibility of their consideration. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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