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Motivational Climate Task and Ego - Essay Example

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Motivational climate task is a commitment to excellence, demonstrating a tremendous commitment to team effort and a resolve to bolster team morale through active and physical participation. Motivational climate task is the indicator of the magnificent effort that an individual will provide on any assignment irrespective of the outcome…
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Motivational Climate Task and Ego
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Extract of sample "Motivational Climate Task and Ego"

Download file to see previous pages Motivational climate ego is of entirely another genre. The motivation for the ego is to win and win at any cost. It will even resort to lying and cheating to achieve victory. The ego thinks it is the best, does not like the second place and wants none else to be the better player (Schwarz, Joel, 2007).
The aim of the ego to win at all times irrespective of the methods used to win is not truly satisfying or fulfilling. It inflates the ego for some time but such victories are consigned to history and become fodder for statistics.
Motivational climate task dwells on mastery with a difference. It concentrates on tasks for mastery without overtly looking forward to win and humble the opponent. It is more concerned about its performance at the present time in comparison to the past. The proponents of motivational climate task will complement a player according to his performance, irrespective of whether he lost or won (Walling, Mary D & Duda, Joan L, 2009).
The investment on a team of players through the application of motivational climate task sends the team soaring in high spirits. The realization that something is being done about their weaknesses is a positive development that not only improves individual performance but also boosts team morale.
In motivational climate task "Studies that view coaches' behaviors a...
It is not possible to be totally free of egoism in team efforts. There is the mix of task as well as ego-oriented attitudes in any venture. The idea is to raise awareness about the task and not to pay attention to the ego.
Tasks motivational climate involves a broad approach to the game. It does not include winning by wrong means. Individuals prefer tasks motivational climate when they play a game to "develop their skills, compete, and interact with others" rather than concentrate totally on just winning (Walling, Mary D & Duda, Joan L, 2009).
Ego-centric motivational climate dwells on the methods and abilities of individual players. It defines strategies to win at any cost. It does not consider broad team work and strong and principled stand when playing. Ego-centric motivational climate does not strictly abide by the rules. It might even resort to bullying and cheating if these help in securing a win.
Research shows that majority of adults and even children prefer to play for fun and participation. This certainly augurs well for tasks motivational climate.
Normally, any community groups consist of men and women of experience and qualify for mastery in motivational climate task. As such, they are in a position to foster a learning environment that encourages innovation and growth. Thus, the group succeeds in establishing an attitude for competitive and healthy growth in a socio-cultural environment that balances individual strengths and weaknesses and sets the stage for motivational climate that provides the growth curve.
"Teaching that is based on adult learning theories of motivation and infused with techniques for ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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