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Reflecting on Personal Life Experiences Utilizing Sociological Perspectives - Essay Example

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The objective of this paper "Reflecting on Personal Life Experiences Utilizing Sociological Perspectives" is to present a reflection of a unique personal experience in sociological perspectives. The author comes from an Asian continent with a way of life distinctly different from Western culture. …
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Reflecting on Personal Life Experiences Utilizing Sociological Perspectives
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Extract of sample "Reflecting on Personal Life Experiences Utilizing Sociological Perspectives"

Download file to see previous pages The experience would touch on my initiation to my very first educational experience and developing my primary group in school.

Secondly, I would reflect on my studies during elementary years in a small exclusive private school in Vietnam. The next phase I consider of great significance in my academic experience is the privilege given me during my 9th grade to 12th-grade studies in a relatively different culture, in Melbourne, Australia.

Finally, a milestone in this journey through life is the recent migration to the United States to complete my higher education with Chemistry as my major in Evergreen Valley College, San Jose, California.

The evolution of sociology could be traced to the development of social thoughts delving into the science of association. Since people come from different cultures thereby exhibiting diverse ways of lives, experiences are unique depending on races, cultures, and individual personalities. Sociology is known as a science which is concerned with the collection of data about human social life. It is also a study of man’s social behaviour in all of its general social relationships.

It is in this regard that this reflection paper aims to present a reflection of my unique personal experiences in relation to sociological perspectives. Being of Vietnamese descent, I come from an Asian continent with a way of life distinctly different from Western culture. However, I was given the opportunity to experience studying in the different cultural and educational background which, until now, hones my character, attitudes and behaviour about people and life, in general.

According to Broom and Selznick (1977: 306), there are four major types of family. For purposes of sharing my personal experiences, I would be utilizing two (2) types, both of which are eminent in Vietnam. The extended family is depicted as a type of family structure wherein siblings live together with parents right after marriage.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reflecting on Personal Life Experiences Utilizing Sociological Perspe Essay.
(Reflecting on Personal Life Experiences Utilizing Sociological Perspe Essay)
Reflecting on Personal Life Experiences Utilizing Sociological Perspe Essay.
“Reflecting on Personal Life Experiences Utilizing Sociological Perspe Essay”.
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