Critical evaluation of leadership values, attitudes and behaviours and their impact on others and the organisation - Essay Example

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Today’s organisation requires development of competent leaders in order to gain commitment and dedication from internal staff members, which is a significant break from traditional management models in which employees are viewed as merely resources that can be aligned with strategic objectives as a means to maximise efficiency and productivity in the operational model. …
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Critical evaluation of leadership values, attitudes and behaviours and their impact on others and the organisation
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Download file to see previous pages Leadership, unlike management, is about identifying with the intangibles of human behaviour and attitude and attempting to apply empathetic and considerate policies and procedures to improve interpersonal relationship development and to facilitate individual development, thus improving human capital advantages within the organisation, through such practices as coaching and mentoring. Having provided an understanding of leadership and its primary definition, it should be reinforced that only a reflective leader is one that will consistently improve and be able to identify with the diverse psychological, sociological, and tangible needs of employees as it pertains to their role within the organisation. One methodology of ensuring reflection as ongoing, cyclical practice is the 360 degree feedback system, a process of engaging multiple stakeholders to provide meaningful feedback about attitude, behaviour and performance of a peer or subordinate to give a broader and more accurate view of where an individual requires development or improvement. ...
This project attempts, based on research findings and personal reflection, to establish a best practice model of leadership through engagement with multi-rater feedback processes that can provide benefit to the organisation and its staff population. Nature of current leadership agenda The NHS has established a quality agenda that underpins success for health care professionals. According to the NHS, this includes “lifelong learning for health professionals and modern systems of professional self-regulation” (NHS 2012, p.2). Quality, as it pertains to leadership development, therefore involves being able to continuously improve and engage in reflective practice to improve health care delivery and reduce variations that impact quality of care. The NHS recognises that effective and competent leadership is a fundamental aspect of building efficiencies and productivity in health care delivery and building capacity for quality outputs. Before establishing a competency framework for effectual leadership practices, it is necessary to define leadership at its foundation. “A leader is one who selects, equips, trains, and influences one or more follower(s) who have diverse gifts, abilities, and skills and focuses the follower(s) to the organization’s mission and objectives causing the follower(s) to willingly and enthusiastically expend spiritual, emotional, and physical energy in a concerted coordinated effort to achieve the organizational mission and objectives” (Winston and Patterson 2006, p.7). By this definition, a competency framework for leadership development is achievable, through first understanding that leadership is about maintaining influence to engage stakeholder behavioural changes or improvements, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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