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Experience in discipleship programs - Personal Statement Example

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During the past week, I have attended some discipleship programs given out by two major churches in the state. The experiences have been eye-openers for me and have enriched my knowledge on how to conduct disciple program. Having a dream of facilitating such programs in the future, I feel very much rewarded that I am able to witness two different programs which are centered on the same goals.
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Experience in discipleship programs
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Download file to see previous pages Then, the opening prayer was led by the pastor who also took the pulpit from the song leader as the program progresses. The topic discuss is wife's role in marriage. As an opener, the pastor refreshed his audience about the biblical duties of the wife as written in the Epistle of Paul to the Ephesians. This activity allowed both couples to participate yet more focus has been given to the wives because the lesson was specifically for them. This discipleship program lasted for an hour and ended with the couple's praying together in the church's altar benches.
The next discipleship program which I attended is a one on one discussion between a pastor and a church member who wanted to become a "worker" in the ministry. In this denomination, a member cannot simply participate in duties like singing in the choir or being a musician without being having undergone the rigorous application process. The qualification of a worker goes beyond having the talent and willingness to conduct the duty but more on having the spiritual requirements set by the church. A worker should receive his salvation first before he can commit himself to any church duty. After communicating his desire to become a worker, he will then undergo an indoctrination process where the major doctrines, conduct of a worker, and the proper lifestyle of a worker is fully and thoroughly discussed. Thus, what I attended in is a part of the one-on-one indoctrination process which is a must for every worker. The meeting started with a candid conversation by the pastor and the applicant. I was also introduced to the applicant and was invited to share my thoughts in the discussion. Afterwards, the pastor led the opening prayer. He then reviewed what was discussed in the previous session and then moved on to the other topics. For each specific doctrine discussed, the pastor read supporting Bible verses for the applicant to note. Afterwards, he asks the applicant what he thinks about the doctrine and inquires if he has any questions or objections. At one point, the applicant has difficulty in accepting a Bible doctrine and I have seen how the pastor laboriously explained everything through the aid of Bible verses. The discussion ended with a prayer this time led by applicant. The applicant and I was treated a cup of coffee and slice of cake courtesy of the pastor's wife after the activity.
Both activities have really inspired me in leading a discipleship program of my own in the future. In the first experience, the pastor have explained to me their Couple's Night is considered as a discipleship program because it basically teaches how a disciple should conduct himself in order to truly follow the Master. He told me that instead of being just a mere program, their church consider discipleship as a lifestyle which should be a venue where the proper Christian virtues should be taught by the pastor. I am really impressed at this pastor's earnest dedication in following the Lord Jesus Christ's commandment of making everyone disciples. I realized that really, a discipleship program is not just a matter of following some written program but in teaching the members how to live a Christian life through ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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