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Radical Taking Back your faith David Platt - Book Report/Review Example

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In the book Radial: Taking Back Your Faith from the Americans Dream, Platt a tries to spark the American Evangelical a greater desire to abandon the hot pursuit of all entrapments of a society that has gone rogue as they live of secularism. In this literary challenge, he…
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Radical Taking Back your faith David Platt
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Extract of sample "Radical Taking Back your faith David Platt"

Download file to see previous pages he states that the reason as to why he is writing the book is to enable the reader and himself to explore the biblical gospel alongside their cultural assumptions with the aim toward embracing Jesus for whom he really is and not for whom they have created him to be. With the help of this analysis, they should look at the core truth of a God-centered gospel and how they have morphed it top becomes human-centered. His desire is that they will discover a reason for their lives that transcends their nationalistic allegiances and cultural morays. It therefore the intention of the writer to summarize each chapter of the book, examining it critically and to apply the lessons learned through the reading of the book and makes a conclusion.
In chapter One, Platt discuses Luke 9 and outlines a mandate to abandon familial ties because of the kingdom of God. He goes ahead to state that Jesus informed his followers that if anyone comes to him and does not hate his father and mother or any of their relatives, and even his own life cannot be his disciples. Platt also discusses the pervasive resistance of the American Christian to identify with Jesus to the extent that he would be willing to radically abandon all relationships in pursuit of Christ and the advancement of his kingdom. However, Platt says there is a higher cost of no-discipleship and introduces with great emotion the amount of money that Americans spend in buildings verses the amount they use for missionary endeavors.
In chapter Two, Platt talks about his trip to a region where Christians were being persecuted for their faith. The thing that stood most in this chapter was the reverence. Platt said that native Christians held for the scriptures and gaining an understanding of them. He goes ahead discussing how they begged him to teach them the old and New Testament. Platt relates how this experience of simply teaching the bible to spiritually hungry believers carried over into his ministry at his local church. Platt ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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