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International Students and their Impact on Globalization - Essay Example

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International Students and their impact on Globalization Name University International Students and their impact on Globalization “Sociology has been traditionally defined as the study of society. And as the boundaries of society have expanded from local community, through states to global society, sociology has become the study of the global society” (Khondker, 2004) The field of sociology is concerned with studying all aspects of a social life which according to different interpretations can be expanded to include factors like economics, culture, technology and politics among others…
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International Students and their Impact on Globalization
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Download file to see previous pages As such through globalization the world will eventually be transformed into one global society, changing the very nature of territorial human societies and interaction and no other scientific field is better apt to study the effects of the process than sociology. But right now globalization process is ongoing and many different challenges are ahead before the global society can be formed. To better understand the process it is prudent to scrutinize all the factors which are enhancing and enabling it; one of the more prominent one being the youth of today which has not only accepted the process but was grew up with the expectation that they would have to survive in a world where communicating and working with a global audience would be the norm. For many college students, their first experience with the far reaches of globalization is interaction with international students. A rapidly shrinking global world has made it favorable for the different countries to seek out the perspectives and knowledge which exist in other parts of the world and universities try to foster diverse environments to allow their students a greater exposure to differing ideas, cultures and people. Student exchange programs, scholarship programs for minorities or immigrants and government support to expand their graduate programs especially in the STEM fields ensure that the most universities and colleges have a student body which is comprised of some percentage of students coming from different nationalities. This cultural diversity allows local and international students to talk, interact and learn from each other and it can be expected that the consequences of this ‘intellectual movement’ across the globe impact more than just information exchange but also other impact other social aspects, whether directly or indirectly. A personal experience for me which has highlighted the socializing and cultural impact that international students have, has been collaborating with international students from the Middle East and South East Asia. Working on projects together and especially having discussions about the global happenings and attitudes about civil crisis and terrorism has helped me gain a differing perspective on these volatile issues. While means of global communication have improved and a certain group of people all over the world have increasingly used these means to discuss, interpret and analyze the events in a non biased way- a personal conversation with people who have a very different perspective and emotions related to certain global events can change your mindset and bring enlightenment in a much more concrete way than would be possible through digital communication. While I am not saying that I completely started to agree with their point of view or change my original opinion, it was possible for me to accept that there are more facets of information than what I had excess to before. “Education is undergoing constant changes under the effects of globalization. The effects of Globalization on education bring rapid developments in technology and communications are foreseeing changes within school systems across the world as ideas, values and knowledge, changing the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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