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Minority in women -Annotated Bibliography - Essay Example

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However, they still have fewer chances of getting a good education that is likely to reward them with better positions in future.
Andersen and Taylor propose that Mexican-American women have always…
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Minority in women -Annotated Bibliography
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"Minority in women -Annotated Bibliography"

Download file to see previous pages group in Texas has in the last few years received a lot of attention such the biographical essays titled Chicanas in charge among others papers (p.88). This is a clear that the women are changing the past assumptions.
According Sonia et el., a survey conducted in 1988 showed that Mexican-American women were least likely to be hired in professional occupations due to low educational attainments. These women still experience extreme hardships but have found ways of overcoming setbacks to getting good jobs.
Davies, Andrea and Frink, Brenda. 2014. The origins of the ideal worker: The separation of work and home in the united states from the market revolution to 1950. Work and Occupations Journal, 41(1), 18–39.
For minority women who entered the workforce in the late 1990s, Frink and Davis assert that the society had its ideology that they could only fit in jobs that required care-taking abilities such as the teachers, social workers and secretaries.
According to Escobedo, Mexican-American women did not have as many opportunities in the wartime era at work settings as they do today. Today, different and successful women from this group have shown that cultural odds can be defied. These are women such as Ellen Ochoa, a retired astronaut in U.S and Anna Maria Chavez, a CEO for the Girl Scout organization in U.S.
Existence of social processes that create hierarchical systems in the society, are part of the reason that minority women do not get too many job opportunities. However, social movements have aided in advocating for their rights to equal payment at work.
ONeill, Shapiro, Ingols and Blake-Beard (2013) argue that cultural values, social issues and culture had an impact on the Mexican-America women’s job targets. According to the authors, the interests of Mexican-American career interests did not necessarily translate to their key goals because most did not have the luxury to choose the career.
Vargas argues that in most cities, gender-based ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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