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Analysis of Articles about Labor Legislation - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The paper contains an annotated bibliography of such articles “The Intriguing Relation between Adult Minimum Wage and Child Labor" by Basu, "Origins of Protective Labor Legislation for Women" by Susan Lehrer, “Labor Standards and International Competitiveness" by Raynauld and Jean-Pierre Vidal…
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Articles about Labor Legislation"

Download file to see previous pages It subsequently comes to the conclusion that if the minimum wages that the adults usually earn after they have worked can be raised by a law that is passed to specifically deal with this area, then the impact on the labor industry would be intriguing. A high minimum wage might make more adults become unemployed since the employers will not hire them so that they can be able to reduce their expenditure and this will make them send their children to take them places that they will have left vacant. When more children take up these jobs, they will continue to displace more adult labor and therefore the children will have to keep going to work (p.1)

This kind of scenario will most probably take place in an economy that is poised to post fertility that is high but the rate of productivity is relatively low where the amount of child labor that a particular household can supply is greater as a result of the families having many children. It also uses a model that is theoretical as it tries to make a prediction of the incidences that mainly involve or are associated with child labor.

In the informal sector, work that is done at home can be looked at as a form of employment if the worker gets to earn from it. This research paper aims to aims to understand the position, development, types, and incidences of the workers that work at home and also the structure of production, the employment relations, the wages that they earn, the employment and labor attributes coupled with the conditions that they work in and the reasons that make this people look for this particular kind of employment (p. 9).
The policies, measures, and actions that both the public and private sectors are executing are also considered by the research paper and the problems that might arise from the implementation of these measures are identified. The different ways that these problems can be dealt with or the conditions are also considered and suggested by the research paper. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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