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The author of the present essay "Globalization Causing Damage to Chinese Culture" asserts that the political, socio-cultural and economic ideologies have changed over the past decade with an increased emphasis on integration, unity, trade, equality, and commerce…
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Globalization Causing Damage to Chinese Culture
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Download file to see previous pages Chinese have remained static for a longer period compared to other countries. This has enabled the country to withstand the negative influences of Western culture and protect its people against the danger of same-sex marriages, abortion, and drug abuse. Chinese is a religious nation and values their culture and their way of life which has enabled the country to increase its economic, social and political stability (Overview of Chinese Culture). The Chinese government monitors and censure internet access to protect against infiltration of global influence to its citizens. However, despite all the measure to protect its culture, Chinese people have abandoned some of their cultures and embraced the trend in trade, commerce and economic integration among nations. Therefore, globalization has taken root and the country is now open to trade with any nation in the world. Globalization has not only increased the economic growth of China but also paved the way for market expansion. Globalization will lead to China becoming a vibrant and multicultural country, which is crucial for in the globalization era.
In one way, globalization leads to the introduction of new cultures that may not be healthy to the original culture. It is clear that when cultures are superimposed, the two cultures are diluted and this leads to the formation of mixed cultures. Qin (2), a New York Times writer, raises the question “why Chinese has to be mixed up with so much English” to illustrate the results of superimposition of languages. The author supports the idea that globalization has led to the loss of the Chinese culture, which is a risk for the conservation of the original behavior. Next, globalization results that there are high chances for the introduction of ill behavior when cultures interact. The implication of this is that when cultures interact, they tend to borrow from each other behavioral patterns. In China, the ideologies of same-sex marriage after the boom of tourism. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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