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The political, socio-cultural and economic ideologies have change over the past decade with an increased emphases on integration, unity, trade, equality and commerce. These aspect of life has threatened the way of life of many cultures and among them the Chinese culture. The…
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Introduction outline
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Is globalization causing damage to Chinese culture? The political, socio-cultural and economic ideologies have change over the past decade with an increased emphases on integration, unity, trade, equality and commerce. These aspect of life has threatened the way of life of many cultures and among them the Chinese culture. The Chinese are known to have a rich culture in medicine, trade and religion, and all this is threatened by introduction of the Western way of life by Western tourist and business men and women. Chinese has remained stood for a longer period compared to other countries. This has enabled the country to withstand negative influences of the Western culture and protect it people against the danger of same-sex marriages, abortion, and drug abuse. Chinese is a religious nation and values their culture and their way of life which has enabled the country to increase its economic, social and political stability (Overview of Chinese Culture). The Chinese government monitors and censure internet access to protect against infiltration of global influence to its citizens. However, despite all the measure to protect it culture, Chinese people have abandoned some of their culture and embraced the trend in trade, commerce and economic integration among nations. Therefore, globalization have taken root and the country is now open to trade with any nation in the world. Globalization has not only increased the economic growth of China, but has ensured the transfer of knowledge in science, medicine and architecture from Africa and other Western countries (Pagel). Therefore, globalization has done more good to the Chinese than destroying their culture.
1. Introduction
Globalization has integrated the way of life of people in the world.
2. Negative Effect globalization
Globalization facilitate the sharing of cultures that are not accepted in other people culture.
3. Advantages of globalization
Globalization has enabled the sharing of positive attributes in economics, politics and social cultural aspects.
4. Enthymeme: Globalization does not only enhance the sharing of technology, but has enabled some cultures to bridge the gap in scientific innovations.
"Overview of Chinese Culture." n.d. 10 July 2014.
Pagel, Mark. "Does globalization mean we will become one culture?" 23 May 2012. 10 July 2014. Read More
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