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The author of this paper explores the tallest building of the world that hovers over one of the states of the United Arab Emirates- Burj Khalifa. Dubai, which is one of the most famous tourism hubs of the modern world, houses this enormous structure…
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Worlds Tallest Building
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Download file to see previous pages The construction of the Burj Khalifa tower was not an easy task since it involved many unique elements. I shall try to highlight some of them.  The facts and figures related to this structure are as interesting as its strategic construction. I shall be highlighting some of those interesting features that result in the influx of tourists every year. I shall be focusing on the following elements during my speech: Firstly, I shall explain the important constructional steps that were taken for the building of such a unique design. Secondly, I shall include some interesting features that have been included in the tower to make it an attractive tourism spot in Dubai. Transition: I shall begin with the construction of Burj Khalifa. The design of Burj Khalifa is different from a conventional building as it is broad from the base and end in a single line pole at the top. Subramanian (2010) stated that the structure was designed by Adrian Smith, alongside as many as 90 architects. The basic structure is based on a hexagonal core that has three wings coming out of it. The Y-shaped floor plan broadens the view of the Persian Gulf. The cover area of the building at the base is as big as 465,000 sq.m area. The concrete that was used in this enormous structure is as heavy as the weight of 110,000 elephants. The construction took 6 years and the inauguration took place in 2010. The architectural features, such as the height and the number of floors were kept a secret till the time of its inauguration.


Now, I shall tell you some other interesting facts that facilitate the retention of interest of tourists from around the globe. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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