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Power Relations and the Reporting of International News - Essay Example

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This paper analyses how power relations inflect the reporting of international news. The researcher of this essay aims to pay special attention to the major differences in the way of reporting the incidents in the Middle East in the recent past…
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Power Relations and the Reporting of International News
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that globalization has brought huge changes in this world. Virtually, there are no life segments in which globalization failed to make an impact. In politics, economics, education, business as well as in social and cultural activities, globalization has brought huge changes. Journalism or reporting of international news is another area in which globalization was able to bring significant changes. It should be noted that the power relations have been changed drastically after the collapse of former the Soviet Union. Earlier, America and the Soviet Union were the undisputed superpowers in this world and the majority of the other countries were keen on establishing the political relationship with these countries. It should be noted that majority of the communist countries took aside of the Soviet Union whereas a majority of the capitalist countries joined hands with America during the cold war period. As a result of that, the media in different countries started to make and report news wither in favor of America or in favor of Soviet Union, based on the political relationship of their mother country with the superpowers. In other words, neutrality in the reporting of international news has been severely damaged during the cold war period. At the same time, the destruction of Soviet Union, as well as the introduction of globalization, has changed the reporting of international news drastically. America became the undisputed leader in global politics after the destruction of Soviet Union, even though China is rapidly becoming the second superpower in the world. Moreover, “the forces of resurgent market liberalism, the decline of public service broadcasting, the global collapse of dictatorships and the outbreak of the so-called ‘catching up’ or ‘velvet’ revolutions of 1989-1991” have contributed heavily to the changes in the global reporting styles. In short, the rapid changes in the global political and economic spectra have contributed heavily to the changes in the reporting of international events. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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