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Globalisation leads to the homogenisation of culture. Discuss - Essay Example

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‘‘We can easily conceive of a time when there will be only one culture and one civilization on the entire surface of the entire earth” (Berry, 2008, p.328). Globalization is the initial step in achieving the above objective. The slogan collective growth has attracted many…
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Globalisation leads to the homogenisation of culture. Discuss
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"Globalisation leads to the homogenisation of culture. Discuss"

Download file to see previous pages Globalization has brought many hopes to such countries as they can utilize the expertise and technology of developed countries for the mobilization of their idle resources.
Another important aspect of globalization is the cultural homogenization. The exchange of labour force across the boarders is a common thing at present because of globalization. Outsourcing and offshoring of business are common things at present which need the interaction of multicultural workforce. In short globalization has forced the world to develop towards a common culture. This paper briefly analyses the homogenization of culture as a result of globalization.
Berry, (2008) has defined Globalization as the multiplicity of linkages and interconnections between nations (Berry, 2008, p.329). Kalantzis & Cope (2006) have referred globalization as the enemy of diversity (Kalantzis & Cope, 2006, p.402). Peng, (2009) has argued that Globalization brings closer integration of the countries and the people of the world by acting like the swings of a pendulum (Peng, 2009, p.19). Globalization has been defined in many ways by different people. It is the sum of all the definitions given above. The essence of Globalization is the unification of global culture for the collective growth. The major enemy for economic growth in many countries is the conflicts between countries. For example, the conflicts like India-Pakistan, Israel - Palestinians, US-Afghanistan etc are causing immense damage to the economic development prospects of these countries. Many people argue that the current financial crisis in America was the child of different wars America engaged in different countries. Pakistan also is a victim of underdevelopment because of the increasing conflicts even inside the country. In short, conflicts and wars can retard the economic progress of a country.
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Globalisation Leads to the Homogenisation of Culture. Discuss Essay.
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