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Social Challenges Facing Pilsen Community in Chicago - Thesis Example

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This research is being carried out to evaluate and present social challenges facing Pilsen community in Chicago. Pilsen community like any other low-income neighborhoods in urban centers faces a multitude of challenges such as neglected and empty houses as well as crime…
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Social Challenges Facing Pilsen Community in Chicago
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Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that in 1990’s, there was an exceptional migration to the US with around 13.2 million migrants most of whom were not authorized. The prevailing migration coincided with sweeping changes within the urban economies since the housing boom at the time fueled pressures that resulted in an increased value of real estate and a general displacement of low-income residents. Although during this period the target was neighborhoods surrounding the central business district, currently Pilsen community neighborhood has become a site for intense real estate speculation. The speculation decreases the pool of affordable housing specifically for recent migrants; hence, hardships that result from the increased cost of living within the city coupled with poverty-level wages, increase tension and conflict in the neighborhood. The absence of affordable housing, substandard employment, and unmet fundamental needs are among the many social problems facing the Pilsen community. Urban labor market restructuring, especially in the manufacturing sector and the increased competition within the service industries, induced many employers to adopt practices that rely on low-wage labor. Hence, employers in downgraded industries seek undocumented migrants in the region since the wages are at or even below the poverty line and the ability of the workers to contest the substandard condition is surrounded by their lack of legal status. The absence of recourse for the undocumented migrants in the state means that the task of resolving the social problem is left to civil society. According to Theodore and Martin, surveyed organizations that work with migrants indicate that migrants face various social problems in their life in the United States. The surveys showed most concern in certain areas that include substandard employment opportunities at 56% and the desire for health and social services at 36%. In their study, Theodore and Martin show that virtually every organization involved in the study was involved in raising awareness of one or more of the social issues. In Chicago, the advocacy efforts concentrated mainly on access to health and social services and access to quality and affordable housing. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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