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Marriage Practices of Chicano Population - Research Paper Example

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The author concludes that it is evident that marriage forms a significant part of the Chicano culture. The rite of the passage reveals a lot about the Chicano community. The community enjoys appreciating life and has a strong respect for the marriage institutions…
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Marriage Practices of Chicano Population
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Download file to see previous pages The mother in law plays a significant role during the marriage ceremony. Firstly, they help the bride to prepare for the big occasion. Mother in laws is expected to prepare their children for the roles that are expected of them as a mother and wife. Similarly, in Chicano culture, the mother in law is expected to prepare her daughter for her new roles. In addition, they are expected to help them to prepare for the big moment in their lives. A Chicano woman is expected to enter the marriage institution fully aware of expectations and equipped with the necessary skills to be a good wife and mother (ODea 812). Furthermore, they are expected to prepare the big dinners. The Chicano community has a special relationship with food. In the community, food plays a significant role, as the community not only enjoys eating a well-prepared meal but it also serves as a celebration of their culture. The Chicano community is among the closest-knit community in America.
The bride is not expected to see the groom before the wedding day. The practice is widespread among all societies in the world. Most people believe that seeing the groom before the wedding would jinx the marriage. As a result, there is a period of separation between the bride and groom before they get married.
The liminal phase is represented by the actual wedding day. The Chicano community loves to party. As a result, weddings are an excellent excuse for having a good time. The event is characterized by good music and dancing. The Chicano community has a deep appreciation for music. In addition, the community loves to celebrate the big moments in a person’s life. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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