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We have needs that we are required to meet, some of these needs include food, shelter, and security. The essay "Motivations theory" discusses the theory of motivation that was initiated by Abraham Maslow. This theory will help narrate my life and the actions I take to fulfill these needs…
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Motivations theory
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Download file to see previous pages In order to meet these need one has to have a paying job, at first I dropped out of college and become a home mother, I become pregnant while in my second year in college, after giving birth to my lovely daughter my then husband left me, this led to have many needs such as social-emotional comfort needs and also physiological needs, however the first priority of these need was the physiological needs such as food and housing, luckily I acquired a job and was able to meet these needs.
The second in hierarchy is the safety needs, these need include need for security, stability, and order in the system, after my husband left I felt insecure and very unstable, I met these needs by acquiring a job, in my childhood my parents provided this need, my father was the one to walk out of the door at if any suspicious event occurred at night.The third in the hierarchy is the social-emotional needs, these needs include need to find love, the need to have friends and a family, my parents provided these needs when I was a little child, however, as I grew up I needed to further these needs by making friends at school and also having a boyfriend. The next need is the esteem need, these needs can be referred to as the ego needs, this is the need to feel competent, this is a need to achieve and be recognized, and also have dignity, I have not fully achieved this need and this is the reason I want to join the accounting college to be a graduate and this will help me achieve more in my life. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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