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The impact of assimilation on immigrants in America - Essay Example

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Name Professor Module Date The Impact of Assimilation on Immigrants in America Assimilation is an aspect that often affects immigrants. This is where social groups merge in a particular place due to their residence in the same area. Since they are often living together, they are likely to merge their cultural traits…
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The impact of assimilation on immigrants in America
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The impact of assimilation on immigrants in America

Download file to see previous pages... In the ancient times, there were different cultural communities with their distinctive behavior. However since they were residing in the same environment, they had to adopt the American culture. As a fact, America is one of the countries that have the largest number of immigrants from different parts of the world. Though the country records large numbers of immigrants, they are affected by assimilation. Consequentially, this is a phenomenon that can hardly be controlled. For example, people do not have an explanation on why they tend to be assimilated in this new environment. However, assimilation has several impacts on the immigrants. On one side, the immigrants appreciate the change in culture, environment and social setup. On the other hand, the immigrants are adversely affected since they find it hard to reconnect with their culture. To begin with, different communities and groups communicate through different languages. Apparently, most groups use their native languages as a form of communication. They are strongly embedded in their language and find it easy to connect with each other. Most of these communities have an elaborate way of communication through their language, cultural practices and other literal skills. This cements a community together as they have a similar origin. Apparently, use of a similar language helps the immigrants to reconnect with their origin (Borjas 15). However, assimilation has an impact on such communities. Such communities have to mingle with other communities in the American society. As such, they have to use a widely acceptable mode of communication. As such, they will have to revert to another language. This leads to neglect of the native language, which kills diversity in the society. This could have subsequent effects in the society. For example, newborns will adapt to the language that is acceptable in the American society. They will have little time to focus on their native language. This would affect continuity in the language of a community as they adapt to a new language (Schaub 18). Similarly, some cultural beliefs, values, and norms could be discontinued since the society has adapted a new language. As a fact, they will try to emulate beliefs, values and norms in the society due to change in language of communication. Assimilation changes adaptability of the immigrants to life. In their previous environment, the immigrants were used to a particular way of life, behavior and socializing. However when in American society, they have to change their way of life to fit in the society. Apparently, this at times is not an easy task. The immigrants have to struggle in blending with the other communities (Borjas 17). In fact, some immigrants feel they are misfits in the society. This is due to the hard scenario of adapting to the new way of life. For example, some cultures are adapted to consumption of natural foods. These are foods that have been consumed in the society since time immemorial. The community always has respect for such foods as they are passed on from one generation to another. As such, the community relies on such foods for their daily food intake. However, with assimilation in the American society, some of the immigrants have to change to fit the society. Apparently, most of the American population depends on manufactured foods. This will have a direct impact on the immigrants as they will have to consume the manufactured food ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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