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It has a phenomenon history in business where it inhibits the busiest international airport in the world; in cultural activities it boosts of some inventions in…
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Download file to see previous pages In comedy, it started the improvational style of amusement, in architecture the prairie design, and a variety of contemporary music like the jazz, soul and romantic blues. The city has a deep rooted liking for the classical songs. The city also has contemporary music best known for its performing music moguls in the world. Apart from music, it hosts dance competitions which attracts performers from other states as a way of promoting its art in the city (Koval 66).
Through the immigration of various ethnicities in the city like the Europeans, Asians, Africans among others; the city enjoys a mixture of different traditions from dishes to artistic works. The fine arts sector has been majorly boosted by a number of award winning artists through their paintings. The city has numerous theaters including the renowned Steppenwolf Theater for the performing plays. The city hosts annual theater awards for recognition of the contributors in the fine arts industry (Koval 111).
From the historical beginning of the town, there is a strong tie in Christianity especially the Catholics. It was majorly contributed from the immigration of Europeans who later transformed the town in religion and civilization. Chicago has a number of ancient but unique delicacies in the food industry. The Maxwell hotdog is a unique hotdog which was just prepared by mere steaming or boiling with raw onions and mustard, and is still sold in many food joints. In sports, the city has a wide range of games but most notably in baseball and basketball games. The famous Michael Jordon contributed significantly in winning various titles for the Chicago Bulls (Koval 75).
Chicago is the third largest state which contributes enormously for the US gross national product. According to business reports, it has been known to have the most balanced economic growth among the other states of America. This is because it has vast incomes from transportation, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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