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In the essay “Influence of Peers,” the author looks at the role of the parents in allowing the children to have a positive relationship with the peers, which is an important one because it gives them the room to find out who their real friends are and what they ought to do…
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Influence of Peers
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Extract of sample "Influence of Peers"

The three ways in which adults can intervene to help the child’s improvement towards social skills and relationships with their peers include the manner in which they are tied together to perform a certain task or act (Hyder, 2008). This makes them feel important and hence their work domains get easier to accomplish within the related scheme of things. The other method is through forming study groups which will allow the children to study in a group formation. It makes them grow and develop alongside one another and gives them the liberty to understand each other better. The third and last technique is to recruit the children within clubs which will make them feel fonder about their peers and thus the influencing factor would be easily witnessed.
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(Influence of Peers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 312 Words)
Influence of Peers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 312 Words.
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