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Why Is Homeschooling Better than Public Schools Speech - Essay Example

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The paper "Why Is Homeschooling Better than Public Schools Speech" describes that while your child is young, you need to teach her or him the best policies at home, do not let other children and outsiders take care of your child, yet when they get sick you now become responsible…
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Why Is Homeschooling Better than Public Schools Speech
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Download file to see previous pages In less than two months, all of us we will be through with our assignments and syllabus. No influence from other children and outsiders, the health of our children will be under close monitoring of the parent and every stage of the child development will be noted (Stevens, 2001). If you have not guessed of what I am touching on, I am talking about homeschooling.
In 2013 alone more than 2.05 million US students were homeschooling. This was an increase of 75% from 1999. Not only in the US where homeschooling has been adopted, in Indonesia as indicated by Home School Legal Defense Association, more than 3000 families have now turned to homeschool as their best way to educate and shape their children.
a. It is obvious that the major difference between homeschooling and public school is that the former is safer since the parent is with her or his child all the time. In public schools, bullying is very common, a vice affects the motivation of the children leading to poor performance. While parents who take their children to public school are not aware of what may happen to the child, parents who educate their children at home closely monitor their children and in case of any behavioural deviation, they address it on time.
a. A major misconception about homeschooling is that it makes the children not to be exposed to life experiences. This is not true as far as I am concerned. Homeschooling children have adequate time to go for outing and meet their friends for example during the weekends (Welner and Kevin, 1999). Through social media, they can intermingle with their colleagues. There is no discrimination based on race, religion or nationality at home. Just by being comfortable during and after studying, the children are motivated to study the following day and they do not worry school as compared to their public school counterparts.
b. More than 70% of homeschooling children take the career they choose. They are not influenced by their friends neither do the parents force them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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