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Indication of Ability - Speech or Presentation Example

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The idea of this research emerged from the author’s interest and fascination in whether exams give any indication of ability. This research will first look at how an exam is set up. Normally they are in the written form with a certain number of questions…
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Indication of Ability
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Extract of sample "Indication of Ability"

Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that students get one, single day to prove that they understand the necessary concepts of the course material. It doesn’t matter if they might be having an ‘off’ day, or maybe they are coming down with the most recent virus. Schools, even universities, are breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria of all kinds. When one student gets sick, more usually follow.  What about no sleep before the exam? Statistics say that a large number of students get little to no sleep before their exams. Tired brains do not function as well as awake ones, and a certain level of alertness is required in order to complete an exam. How well a student performs throughout the semester sounds like a far better way of deciding who understand the course material and who doesn’t. There is far less stress, which allows the students to act as they normally would. In a study done at the Harvard Medical School in Boston, 128 students were examined over a 6-week period. 63 students out of the 128 had special group training sessions to help increase relaxation and reduce stress. At the end of the 6-week period, it was found that the students who received the training had significant reductions in stress and anxiety. The 65 students who did not receive the training had no significant reductions in stress and anxiety. Like everything, there are alternatives and exceptions. Project-based courses are always an option that could be considered as an alternative to exams. The projects can last for the entire semester, giving students plenty of time to do research and put everything together. Because there is such an extended period of time, the stress is minimal, and the learning process continues. There is no cramming or worrying, and the student can actually get the sleep that they need in order to learn in a healthy way.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Comments (4)
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umayer added comment 2 years ago
Student rated this paper as
A well done detailed research on the topic!
vfunk added comment 2 years ago
Student rated this paper as
I think that essays about stress exams should go beyond the question of scheduling the workload and even though this paper touches other issues it still looks a little one-sided to me.
ernsersallie added comment 2 years ago
Student rated this paper as
The essay is just fine. It combines both speculative component (like thinking out loud) and links to authoritative researches and articles. So it turns out to be not only useful for my own paper but simply interesting to read (my topic is Social Issues behind the Exam Stress).
jaydelegros added comment 2 years ago
Student rated this paper as
The paper is more like a blog article, lacks the references and reliable sources. But it’s a draft of the speech, not an essay so maybe it’s ok.

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